Ready for my Oscar fix…

Oscar and I have a long-term love hate relationship. In fact, Oscar has been with me longer than my husband. I haven’t missed an Oscar telecast in over twenty-five years. My husband accepted this when he married me, just like I accepted his devotion to the Philadelphia Eagles. In fact, he refers to Oscar Night as my “Super Bowl” and he does his best to make it a special night for me by bringing me cheese and wine and keeping the kids out of my hair. You know, everything short of actually watching the show with me (hey, I don’t watch the Super bowl with him either).

There have been many years when I was over-the-top excited about the upcoming award show. The glitz and glamor and the fabulous dresses, just the chance to see Hollywood’s elite go all out. These were also years when I had an emotional investment in who received an Oscar. This includes the year Paul Newman won the Lifetime Achievement award; the Meryl Streep years (what an amazing actress she is); the “Lord of the Rings” years; and any year when I’d actually seen ALL of the movies that are nominated for Best Picture. That doesn’t happen anymore. Although this year, I’ve actually seen three of the ten films nominated (never mind that one of them is Toy Story 3, it still counts). My husband and I went to the theater to see “Black Swan” (fabulous performances but a very creepy movie) and saw Inception on DVD (very intense and tricky to follow but Leonardo DiCapra makes it worth the ride). So I’m more in the loop this year than I am sometimes. On my “still want to see” list is “The Kings Speech” and “The Kids are Alright”.

This year I’m kind of looking forward to seeing what James Franco and Anne Hathaway can do as co-host of the show. They’re attractive, entertaining young people and they seem to have some chemistry going. Besides, I can’t wait to see what Anne is wearing!! Now that my daughter is 12 and a bit of a fashionista herself, she watches the Pre-Oscar Red Carpet show with me and we debate on the best dresses. My favorite dress of all time would have to be the one Grace Kelly wore the year she won for “The Country Girl” (see above). I’d love to hear other people’s choices.

My twenty-three year old nephew moved to Hollywood this September to break into show business. He got an apartment a few blocks from Hollywood Blvd. Not a very desirable neighborhood to live in but a great location if you want to go to the Kodak Theater (where the Oscars are held). So I was chatting with him on Facebook the other day and I said “Are you going to go down to the theater on Sunday to watch the stars walk the red carpet?” His response: “I dunno, I hadn’t really thought of it.” Seriously?!! What’s the point of being in Hollywood? I’ll tell you one thing, when he becomes famous and is nominated for an Oscar, he better invite his favorite Aunt to be his date!


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