Welcome baseball season!  I have a husband and a son who are obsessed with the game so my daughter and I get caught in the fall out.  To be honest, I really do enjoy little league, sitting in the sun, cheering on the kids (getting eaten alive by mosquitos) and eating all those great hot dogs.  We eat a lot of dinners at the games once the season starts.

This year will be the first since my son was on a team that my husband won’t be coaching him.  Now that he’s in 9th grade, he’ll play for the high school team where as my husband has foolishly volunteered to coach the 9 and 10 year old squad for our township league.  I work with 9 and 10 year olds all day, I know what he’s in for!  So my daughter and I will be driving between games to route on the men in our lives.  I will do it excitedly, she will do it grudgingly.  Not being a sports type person herself, she has sometimes resented being dragged to her brother’s games (hockey, baseball, basketball…).  We made him go to a few Girl Scout events just to even things out.

The first practices have begun and the games will be right around the corner.  I’m excited for the Philadelphia Phillies, our local major league team, to play too and we’ll try to make a few of their games as well but I’m really looking forward to the little guys putting their all into the game just for the love of it.  That’s my kick.


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