Snow Day Dilemma 

When I was a kid, snow days were like a gift from the weather gods. I’d eat cereal and watch cartoons till mom said I could go out. Then I would spend hours with my friends building snowmen and snow sculptures and snow forts untill my toes and fingers were numb. Mom would call me back in and I would peel off my wet socks and sit with my feet over the heating vent with my toes tingling till she brought me a cup of hot chocolate and some cookies. Then I would spend the rest of the day drawing pictures of the snow and watching more TV. Absolute PERFECTION!

 Today, as an adult with teenagers at home, my husband and I both work for schools so we still get snow days and I still get excited about them. But now, as I sit here looking a the winter wonderland outside, I try to think of the most productive way to use this unplanned day off. I could catch up on the laundry? I could start working on the tax returns? Lord knows the kitchen floor needs mopping!!?……….You know what? I think I’ll go see if my kids want to go out back and build a snowman. I mean, why mess with perfection, right?! 😊