C is for Cut Glass

imageWhen I was a little girl Easter meant a new outfit with matching shoes and hat. It meant chocolate covered coconut eggs and brightly colored hard boiled ones. It also meant a delicious ham dinner with pineapple gravy and mashed potatos served in my mother’s special cut glass bowls. When ever these bowls appeared we knew it was an occasion.

Because we lived in a small house with no dining room and very little storage, the bowls  usually lived in the attic. They were carefully wrapped in tissue paper and packet in a cardboard labeled “cut grass dishes”. This was an ongoing joke in our family. Apparently mom was in a hurry when she wrote it on the box and never bothered to fix it! In the morning dad would bring the box down from the attic. Mom would unwrap and wash the bowls and at dinner they would grace the table filled with side dishes and pickles and olives.

Twenty years ago dad passed away and mom downsized by moving into a one bedroom condo. The cut glass dishes, still in the same mislabeled box became mine. I’ve used them at every holiday dinner since.

The day after tomorrow, on the first Easter without my mom, my daughter and I will take out the cut glass bowls, now stored proudly in my china cabinet instead of a box. We will wash them and fill them with wonderful food to share with our family. I’ll remember my mom and my dad and I will cherish the traditions that I can now pass on to my children.


8 thoughts on “C is for Cut Glass

  1. That’s a great tradition. It’s amazing how something like serving dishes can have memories and sentimental value!

  2. Cut glass is a staple in my mom’s house also. My husband was an auctioneer for a short time and I attended many an auction. I therefore have a large selection of my own now. I decided not to wait for special occasions and i try to use them often. They bring a bit of class to the table!

  3. Lovely tradition! May you have love, laughter, and memories overflowing as you use those dishes! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Traditions are important, aren’t they? I remember spending Easter loving the egg hunt (dreading the ham!) It was like a personal challenge to move the ham around the plate just right, so it look like I actually ate it, lol.

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