D is for Descendant

descendant [dih-sen-duh nt]: a person or animal that is descended from a specific ancestor; an offspring.

I am the descendant of a man whose given name was James. Both his parents were from Ireland but he was born in Manchester, England on July 16, 1841. He came to America in 1862 and settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His occupation was listed as “lithographer”.

I am also the descendant of a woman whose given name was Wilhelmina but everyone called her “Mina”. She was born on May 10, 1876 in Fllingen, Wurttemberg – a village that is now part of Germany. She came to America in 1884 with her husband Karl who was an engineer.

Everyone is someone’s descendant. Do you know your story?

13 thoughts on “D is for Descendant

  1. I love this topic. When I have time, I do ancestry research (it’s very time consuming). I’m been amazed at how much I’ve been able to find! I’ve even connected with “long lost” cousins during the process. Great post and topic!

  2. Thank you! Now…I totally want to know my story! I just know that my middle name was from a great-aunt…but other than that I don’t really know anything!!! I need to find out more!

  3. I do know on my father’s side, the Crowthers are from England. When I visited Australia and looked up the name – there were a lot. Obviously – the Crowthers were bad boys – so many English prisoners were sent to Down Under. I find that quite funny. Happy A to Z

    • Very cool. It’s amazing what you can find out. I actually found my dad’s actual enlistment card from WWI. It was in his own hand writing.

  4. It’s always so fascinating when people can trace their ancestry. Unfortunately, it’s not possible with most of my family, but it’s so interesting when people can, it makes the past feel more three-dimensional.

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