F is for Fresh Air!

Hallelujah! The windows are open! Let’s just take a moment to breathe in the fresh air. I realize that the air here in the suburbs may me a little fresher than it is for those of you who live in the more urban areas but to be fair I live in New Jersey and the air quality in the “Garden State” is sometimes less than perfect. Still, I love being able to turn off the heat and fully enjoy the indoor/out door lifestyle.

Hubby is a winter guy. He melts in the heat so each year we have a running argument about opening windows. Usually, as soon as I get up, all the sashes go up. He tells me I’m “letting in the heat. I tell him I’m “letting out the stuffiness.” Depending on how high the temperature goes that day, I usually get my way.

Seriously, though, there is something truly rejuvenating about a spring breeze, the sound of birds and the smell of the hyacinths. Ahh! Rejoice! The cold dark claustrophobic winter has finally ended! Breathe deeply, my friends!IMG_1212-0


6 thoughts on “F is for Fresh Air!

  1. What a great topic for the letter F. I love when the windows are open, especially at night with a cool breeze.

    • I’m so jealous! My sister-in-law is from Southern California and she talks about living with no screens and wide open windows. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Such lovely tulips! We had a taste of spring, but it ran away, at least for a few days.That’s the thing about Chicago, we never know what weather we’re going to get.

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