M is for Memories

Someone asked me recently “What is your earliest memory?” It really took some thought. I had to work through what I actually remembered and what were just memories of stories I’d heard or seen on our home movies. Since my dad bought a brand new Super Eight movie camera the year I was born, my childhood is fairly well documented!

After some consideration, I’ve decided that my earliest memory is from when I was in kindergarten around 1968. My class was on the playground for recess. This was back before playgrounds were built as safe as they are today so the ground was blacktop not wood chips and the equipment was the old fashioned metal kind. We had a really tall slide, some swings and two climbers only we called them monkey bars. One was square and the other looked like this, only bigger:    

One of my classmates, a rather fearless little girl, was climbing up inside of this dome and slipped. On the way down, she hit one of the metal bolts and put a big gash in her chin! As you might imagine, we all panicked. Nothing gets a bunch of 5 year olds screaming quite like the sight of blood! I think that’s why I remember it so vividly. It was probably the first really scary moment of my young life. Thankfully, the teachers got help right away and the little girl returned to school the next week sporting at least a dozen stitches. After that, she had an inch long scar running from her bottom lip down her chin. I guess it could have been much worse, though.

So that’s my tale. What is your oldest memory and why do you think you remember it?


6 thoughts on “M is for Memories

  1. Funnily enough one of my earliest memories is when I gashed my chin! Blood everywhere especially all over my grandfather’s white shirt as he carried me home! And yes, all these years later I still have the scar!

  2. It’s not my earliest memory but your story reminded me of when I was in first grade. Our playground had a dangerous toy we called “Giants”. It had large chains that hung down with handles at the end. We grabbed the handles and ran in a circle to swing out. But if any chains were unattended (no child on it), it would swing around and crack us in the head. (I found a picture of one at this website, it’s the second picture down in the article. http://co.chalkbeat.org/2012/10/01/hazards-lurk-on-uninspected-playgrounds/#.VS6MVsY-DeQ)

    • I’m thinking “safety” wasn’t the first thing on the minds of the people who designed this stuff! It a wonder we didn’t all end up with scars and broken bones. I must say, though, I remember having a lot of fun even if it wasn’t the safest.

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