N is for Nancy

Today it’s all about me!!! Okay, it’s all about me and other people named Nancy. Maybe these other Nancy’s are  better known than I am but I don’t mind sharing my name with them anyway. So presented in totally random order:

Nancy Drew


Teenage sluth extraordinaire! Who could forget Carolyn Keene’s talented young lady with the matching sweater sets. I must have read every book in the series 3 times. We still have copies in the school library that are borrowed on a regular basis.

Nancy Reagan


I am always impressed by the poise and grace with which this former First Lady moves through life. First she took on Hollywood (check out her and her husband as they star together in “Hellcats of the Navy”1957), then she took on Washington (Say No To Drugs!). She gives the rest of us Nancys something to strive for.

Nancy Sinatra

Her boots were made for walkin and her dad was from Jersey. ‘Nuff said 


Fancy Nancy


Could any literary character be any sweeter? The illustrations and the shear joy in these books make them worth reading. My hubby gets me a new one for Christmas each year just because I’m his Fancy Nancy!  I know-he’s a keeper!

I could go on but I think that’s enough Nancy-ness for one day and I have to say, speaking as a Nancy, I think this is pretty good company!


9 thoughts on “N is for Nancy

  1. In middle school and high school I read all of the Nancy Drew books, either from the school library or the public library. They were so much fun! And after those I started on The Hardy Boys.

  2. Yeah, she still cool. I think the books have been updated for today’s readers but I prefer vintage Nancy (course I’m a little vintage too).

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