Y is for Yard

I love my yard.

I love my house too but this time of year the yard is my most happy place. It’s not that it is an especially large or fancy yard. There is grass and flowers and trees, like you would expect, but it’s more than that. It’s our little piece of land. It’s green and alive. 

 I think this “yard love” must be something that came from my dad. He was the only one of his siblings to leave Philadelphia and haul his family across the Delaware River to New Jersey because he wanted a house in the suburbs. Mostly, I think, he wanted a yard.  Growing up in a tiny row home with no outdoor space except the front stoop and the alley between the house and its neighbor may have fueled this desire.

My parents bought their piece of suburbia in 1956. It was a brand new 3 bedroom rancher, costing four thousand dollars secured with a loan from the VA. The lot was a pretty good size but it was bare except for the new sod so dad planted some trees and put in some shrubs under the front windows. We also had blackberry bushes that grew wild along the back. That summer he bought a lawn mower and a grill and invited all his brothers and sisters to come down for a BBQ.

The next year they put up a fence and a shed and a few years later, an above ground pool. My dad worked as a truck driver in the city. This was sweaty, hot work in the summer so every night he would come home, put on his swim suit and dive in that pool before we even sat down to dinner. I like to imagine him floating around, looking up at the blue sky and thinking “Ahh! This is the life.”

I’m channeling that same sentiment when I sit looking out at our yard. I admire how lush and green the grass is and how big the nectarine tree that my husband bought me a few years ago forMother’s Day is getting. I remember all the birthday parties our kids have had out there and how many holiday BBQs  we’ve celebrated. It’s my little paradise. My Dad would have loved it too. 


18 thoughts on “Y is for Yard

  1. Anything that involves dads gets me every time. Enjoyed reading about your little slice of the outdoors.
    Visiting from A-Z. We’re almost done. 🙂

  2. I feel the same sentiment towards my patch of heaven in the middle of the city.
    In the summer, our backyard becomes an extension of the house and we spend every available minute outside. Winters are just too long to be cooped up a minute longer than we have to be 🙂
    At this time of year, I just beam with happiness watching life come back to the plants and shrubs again.

  3. I love this post! I share the same sentiments about my own yard, although I don’t have the fabulous tale from my history to support my love of my yard. Thanks for making me smile!

  4. Hi- just visiting from the a to z challenge. I like that last picture with the sun in the corner. Very cool visual! I don’t have a garden but I really would love to have one. I love seeing all the pretty flowers in everyones yards as I drive home.

    • Thanks! That photo was a total fluke! The tree in the background is the nectarine tree I was talking about. It was half that size when we planted it!

  5. i enjoyed going through some of your recent letters – very soothing posts. i could use a little peace and nature. and your sketches are terrific! you have talent =)
    way to make it through the challenge!

  6. I love trees, hence I love yards! When we sold our house in Prince Edward Island, I didn’t care about the house so much but I missed and still do, our yard, greatly. If I could have taken the trees with me, I would have. You have a nectarine tree! I would love that. Anything semi-tropical makes me happy 🙂

    • Thank you? I’m hoping another season and there will be ripe fruit. I don’t have much of a green thumb so I’m thrilled it’s still living!

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