Grade School the Second Time Around (part 5).

Stuff that made me go “Hmmmm?!”…

  • Bamboo is an incredibly useful and versatile plant. It can be harvested to build furniture, buildings and even cloth! It is also great for the environment because it can replenish itself in only 3 to 5 years as opposed to trees, which take 50 years to mature.
  • Baby elephants suck on the ends of their trunks for comfort in the same way human babies suck their thumbs.
  • Elephants throw dirt and dust on themselves to ward off insects and to protect their skin from the sun.
  • Horseshoe crabs have been around since prehistoric times.



3 thoughts on “Grade School the Second Time Around (part 5).

  1. Teaching is so interesting. You never know what you, as the teacher, will learn on any given day. My experience is that my elementary students always know more than I do about animals!!!

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