Surviving the Prom

STAND BACK, People!! We are in full PROM MODE! (as opposed to “partial prom mode” which we have been in since February).

You know, I knew that sending a girl to the prom would be different than sending a boy I just didn’t realize how intense the whole experience would be! When my son went last year my only job was ordering the flowers for his date. Hubby took him for the tux and we took a few pictures. 

Piece of cake. 

This year my girl child, Miss Dee, is hitting the prom and it’s a lot different!

Flashback to February…

Intense dress shopping: We hit every store in the tricounty area looking for a dress that fit her taste and my budget. We finally buy one that’s not perfect but better than nothing. It’s returnable. Then we search the Internet. I’m a little  reluctant to order online because I’d heard horror stories about poor quality and “no return” policies, but one pops up that is exactly what we had been searching and it’s  40% off!  Be still my heart!

Dress arrives and it looks very nice. Now we have two. I decide to worry about the extra dress at a later date. First we need shoes!

Intense shoe shopping: We hit every shoe store in the tricounty area looking for gold tone heels that are not too high and not too expensive.  I mean, how often will she wear gold shoes, right? Finally we find a pair for $24 at this out-of-the-way store that we come across totally by accident. Yay! 

Now that we have the dress and the shoes we need to have the dress hemmed. Luckily, I have a dear friend who spent many years making costumes for her daughters’ school plays and she offers to alter the dress as a favor. Yay, again.

Fast forward to this past Wednesday. We hit the optometrist because  “Glasses just don’t work for the Prom, Mom!” Now this is a girl who has been wearing glasses since second grade and has attempted to put in contact lenses before to no avail. Well, apparently nothing motivates a teenage girl like a formal dance! She popped those babies right in! The doctor is impressed and tells Miss Dee to practice wearing them a little longer each day just to get her eyes used to them.

That brings us to this week. Here is the plan…

Monday: Hang dress in bathroom after shower to help steam some of the wrinkles; wear contacts for 4 hours.

Tuesday: Have eyebrows waxed; wear contacts for 5 hours

Wednesday: Revisit optometrist to get final eye check and pick up supply of lenses.

Thursday: Paint nails (pink undercoat topped with a coat of glitter and a clear top coat); steam remaining wrinkles out of dress

Friday: PROM DAY! 

12:30: School lets out early. Shower; touch up nails.

2:30: Hair appointment.

4:00: Do make-up and get dressed

5:30: Additional prom goers,  parents of prom goers and Miss Dee’s Grandparents arrive for photos and fussing. Snacks will be served.

6:30: Rented car arrives to sweep Prom goers off to their evening of fun!!! 

6:35: I kick back with a large glass of wine and wait to hear all the details!

Whew!!! Is anyone else as exhausted as I am?!


14 thoughts on “Surviving the Prom

  1. Oh boy! I think I would have cried! At least she was able to save the day by getting them there. Maybe she was able to get back to that wine later on!

  2. So your 6:35pm wine entry reminds me of my poor friend. She sat down for HER 6:35 glass of post-prom-prep-wine and the phone was her daughter calling from the side of I-95. Seems the limo broke down and as there were no others available, the parents had to get their kids off the highway. She drove her daughter and her date to the restaurant where she waited (texting me) until the were done eating..then delivered them to the prom venue which was 45 minutes away. I told her she will be able to laugh about this..some day.

  3. I’m not sure who was more excited … me. or my boys … when their prom night arrived.
    Hope it was amazing for everyone 🙂

  4. I’d like to invite you to take part in the Free Style Writing Challenge that I recently participated in. Let me know if this is of interest, I love your blog!

    • Thank you very much. I enjoy reading your blog too! Sure, I will give the challenge a shot. I read the instructions on your page. What happens next? BTW after reading the story you told for the challenge all I can say is Yikes! You have a very efficient guardian Angel. Glad it all worked out for you.

      • Indeed I have several guardian angels, you have no idea. ❤️🙏
        I have now added the topic for my 5 nominees. If you go back to my post scroll to the bottom for your topic. I’m so glad you joined the challenge! Be sure to let me know when you complete it, I look forward to reading it.

  5. How wonderful and exciting! How can she look anything but stunning with all that effort? (Without all that effort but teenage girls will never believe it when they’re teenagers). Still, what a fun time for both of you.

  6. I love it! Can just picture every moment. Lots to do for sure but how great to look back fondly and have these shared memories. You’re a great mom!

  7. Oh my goodness, proms are intense these days. You will need that wine after your duties have been completed. Those are some major lists you have to get through. Cheryl

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