Is it Just Me?

I need some feedback here because I’m wondering if it might be me who just doesn’t get it, so help me out, okay? I heard the tail end of a news story on CBS the other morning and it made me say, “Wait…..what?”

So I Googled it to make sure I heard correctly. Apparently some politicians in California want to pass a law to have new warning labels placed on soda containers. This is right from CBS web site:

“The SB1000 bill’s hypothetical warning label would read: “STATE OF CALIFORNIA SAFETY WARNING: Drinking beverages with added sugar(s) contributes to obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay. “

See, this is where I go, “Hmmmm?”

Is there anyone who is old enough to read these labels that doesn’t already know this? I have six year olds at school telling me that they can’t drink soda because it is bad for their teeth. Maybe they aren’t clued into the dangers of diabetes yet but they know sugar in large quantities is bad for you.

And, if someone is about to buy a soda and they spot this warning label are they going to say to themselves, “Dang! I didn’t realize sugar would rot my teeth and cause weight gain. Well I’m just going to put this back and get a bottle of water instead!”

It just seems to me that there are other things that these guys could be focusing on if they really wanted to help the public make healthier choices. Maybe, if they could find a way to make eating healthy foods more affordable that would be a start. My son asked me the other day why he could buy a hamburger and fries some place for $2.00 but a salad cost $5.00? I thought it was a pretty good question.

So what do you all think? Is it just me?


20 thoughts on “Is it Just Me?

  1. I love soda. Love it. Would love to drink soda all day, at least between coffee mornings and cocktail/herbal tea evenings, but I can’t, because it will make me fat, and like a soda junkie, I wouldn’t be eat food anymore, and I’d get all my calories from soda, until I slowly died of malnutrition. *sigh*
    No, I don’t think it needs a warning.
    And yes, I get really angry about how much more nutritious foods cost. I can buy 2 red bell peppers for the cost of an entire fast food lunch. A gallon of orange juice is 5x the cost of a 2-liter of soda. What kinda crap is that?
    It’s perplexing and annoying to me, but the truth is, too many people can’t even afford to choose, and that is such a terrible shame.

    • I have a friend who drinks Cola in the morning instead of coffee so I understand where you’re coming from!
      And I agree, it is a terrible shame. too many children go to bed hungry or are living on processed foods, the only kind their parents can afford.

  2. I TOTALLY agree with you – there must be something more important than this for people in power to focus on. We have an expression here in the UK ‘nanny state’ which I don’t know if you use in the USA, but it’s perfect for this situation! Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. I definitely agree that sometimes it’s a move to hopefully prevent friviolous lawsuits, but why then is the government spending tax dollars on passing bills like this? Why isn’t the company who is worried about frivolous lawsuits putting it on their label? It’s all ridiculous. Somehow people managed to survive quite well without all this hand holding. I rarely drink sodas, but that’s due to my own intelligence of how bad they are not due to label warnings. I’ve also been “threatened” that I might get thrown out of the South because I either drink unsweetened iced tea or sweeten my tea with a touch of honey. 😉 I have one friend who is very much into eating healthy who says, “Why ask why healthy foods are so expensive? Why not ask why the unhealthy food is so cheap?” I suppose I see her point, but still doesn’t answer the question or help those of us to afford eating healthy. Loved your article!

  4. I believe companies do these ridiculous things so they can’t be held liable if some goofball wants to sue over his/her ailments/issues and take any notion of self-control or responsibility out of the equation.

  5. As a vegetarian I get so mad at the cost of food in restaurants for a salad or veggie stir fry… often the same or more than plates filled with fried meat etc.

  6. such a good point. I get frustrated too at how much more expensive healthy, fresh foods cost. I think the food industry has a conspiracy

  7. A few years ago I’d just say “politicians think we are stupid”…now, sadly, I think there’s a decent percentage of us who actually are. It’s depressing. And no, that label won’t change anyone’s soda drinking habits.

  8. I’ve always been appalled at how much more it costs to eat well than to fall back on cheap, quick and easy junk.

    I also think that if we as a society seriously need labels telling us “WARNING: May Contain Nuts” on products clearly already advertising themselves as nuts, then maybe we ought to back off a little on the hand holding and let natural selection score a few wins.

  9. It’s not just you. There are a multitude of warnings on various products that make me scratch my head.

    More interesting would have been whether the label referred to artificial sweeteners in diet sodas and other products since there is an ongoing debate about whether artificial sweeteners contribute to obesity. I’m inclined to believe they do.

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