Summer Bucket List

IMG_1476So here it is summer break. I usually start out every June with a sackful of good intentions, things I want to accomplish or challenges I want to undertake. Sadly, September arrives and I find that all my good intentions have fallen short! Mostly I can’t figure out what the heck I did with my time! So here is the plan for this summer. I’m making a “to do” list and I am putting it here so you all can see whether or not I am staying motivated. The items marked (c) are things that make me anxious or take more motivation to accomplish and thus will be a bigger challenge. There are 10 full weeks in my summer break so the “per week” items need 10 stars to accomplish.

Let’s see how far I get! READY, SET, GO!!!!

  1. Take one day trip per week (beach, park, museum, etc)⭐️⭐️⭐️
  2. Drive over a bridge. (c)
  3. Volunteer for a cause (c)⭐️
  4. Travel somewhere by train.
  5. Take a train into the city (c)
  6. Create one art project per week.⭐️⭐️⭐️
  7. Visit at least 2 museums⭐️
  8. Paint the living room and the upstairs bedroom.
  9. Go camping
  10. Go canoeing or kayaking
  11. Reconnect with 2 friends with whom I’ve lost touch (c)⭐️
  12. Go zip-lining (c)
  13. repair the kitchen floor (it seems to be coming apart)
  14. Have a picnic somewhere next to the water
  15. Finish the trim in the kitchen and upstairs hall (I have completion issues)
  16. Try one new food per week.
  17. Maintain my newly planted herb garden and use the herbs often (c)
  18. Try drying some of the herbs for future use (c)
  19. Reorganize the upstairs closet
  20. Go to a drive-in movie (we actually still have one in the area)
  21. Finish organizing our family photos.
  22. Visit a local winery and enjoy a wine tasting.
  23. Listen to some live music, preferably outdoors
  24. Go dancing with my hubby
  25. Have a “Lord of the Rings”/”Hobbit” film marathon (this is Miss Dee’s request) 😊

Yikes! I can feel the pressure to be productive starting already! Wish me luck!

What are you hoping to accomplish or experience this summer?


18 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

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  2. How fabulous! So many of those sound like fun, and you could knock out several at one time, like taking a day trip to a museum in the city and getting there by train 😉

    I would like to finally get this manuscript that’s been sticky for months finished, get a little more organized…a lot more organized, because that list was a great idea.

  3. I love that your list include things that are outside of your comfort zone, yet still achievable. I will look forward to hearing about your progress, and the fulfilling rewards as you tick off your items! 🙂

  4. What an interesting list. I love this idea. Have never made one like this before. It really does push you to try new things and face certain challenges. This summer is a biggie for me as you know,,, saying bye to my husband, finding a new apartment in a few days in a foreign city and getting used to a new school. Anything I do before that kind of pales in comparison. But I do hope to try a few new restaurants before hand and begin to learn a few words of Arabic. And to continue to get in shape 🙂 I don’t much like bridges either. I get that fear. Good luck on your list.

    • Thanks! It took me nine summers to think of this! Let’s see how far I get. Hope you get all you things done before you go. Moving to another country seem very daunting to me!

  5. Well, I’m cleaning out my closet- slowly-..Each morning I try on 2 items I never wear and toss in the goodwill bag if no longer appropriate. It’s slow progress, but it works and it’s not overwhelming.
    Went zip-lining a few years ago. And I’m a HUGE, whiny baby!!- …It was really fun! You’ll love it. But If i were you, I’d conquer driving over the bridge first to build up your courage…just in case there’s a bridge on the way to the zip line!
    I want to picnic too, but it’s pretty hot- maybe walk on the beach more in the morning before it gets so sweltering.
    Visit a museum- love that idea. Must put it on the calendar or I’ll never do it.
    (let’s see who goes first! 😉)

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