The Walking Man

imageYesterday I tested the strength of my marriage.  I already knew it was pretty strong because hubby and I have tackled lots of home improvements and nothing test a marriage like wallpapering together.  This was more a test of physical strength and patience….his physical strength and patience to be exact.

It was all because of pageant tickets. Each year, the night before July 4th our town has a pageant  to crown our town “Miss”. We are lucky enough to have our own historic  little theater which hosts the event and Miss Dee and I go every year to cheer on the girls.  This year is especially exciting because one of  Miss Dee’s best friends is competing.

You can buy tickets the night of the show at the box office but we wanted reserved seats. Those tickets are sold a few days before at our borough hall by some nice ladies from the Woman’s League. They are only sold for a few hours in the morning and since I am most definitly not a morning person, hubby offered to pick them up.  That’s where the problems started….

Hubby: When are the tickets on sale?

Me: Usually 9:00 to 12:00 right outside the Borough Hall downtown. Here is the money. They are $10.00 a ticket.

Hubby: No problem.  I will pick them up when I go for my walk in the morning. (Hubby power walks a few miles each day. He has really great legs too!)

Anyway, about 9:10 the next morning he sets out. Around 9:50 he is back without tickets.

Me: No tickets?

Hubby: They are on sale from 11:00 to 1:00. Not 9:00 to 12:00.

Me: Oops.  My bad. Sorry.

Hubby: No problem.  I will finish my work out then walk back downtown to get them. (“finishing his work out” means lifting some weights, push-ups, sit-ups, etc. For a guy who will turn 53 this year he is in very good shape!  I am in awe of his dedication, but on with the story…)

At 11:00 he walks back downtown.  Eleven-twenty he is back, still without tickets

Me: What happened?

Hubby: The tickets are $12.00 this year, not $10.  I’m short 4 dollars.

Me: My bad again! I’ll go back and get them.

Hubby: No problem.  Just give me the 4 bucks.  I’ll walk back.

Now, I would just like to note that we do own a car and he could have driven back downtown the second and third time.  Heck, I would have driven the first time but that’s me.

By noon I had my tickets.  Hubby did good too. He got us seats in the fourth row center!  He took a nice long nap that afternoon.  I think he earned it.  I also think it will be a while before he volunteers to pick anything up for me again!


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