Trash to (sort of) Treasure

Summer Bucket List item #6!

Last week Hubby came home with a “found object” (this is our code for a trash picked item). It was a quirky little piece but appealed to me because of its uniqueness. He thought it had potential and he knows how I love to up cycle! This is what it looked like when he found it: 

It obviously graced someone’s garden for quite sometime but then became old and worn out. I saw a project! First I needed a clean slate to work with so I cleaned it and sanded off as much of the rust as I could then I covered the metal parts with a white latex paint specifically for metal.

imageNext, I had some mosaic tiles and grout left from another project so I covered the “leaves” with green tiles and used broken ones on top to form a flower pattern. I ran out of certain colors so I had to fudge a little…

imageWhile the adhesive dried, I painted some stripes on the pot just to liven it up and cover some marks that were on it. Finally I grouted the tiles added a cute little lemon thyme plant I picked up at the grocery and…Ta-da!

imageNow it’s hanging out in my garden! I had a lot of fun being creative and the only cost involved was the $2.98 for the plant! What do you think? 🌼


5 responses to “Trash to (sort of) Treasure

  1. Wow! That is beautiful. You are talented!!

  2. Wow! I’m so impressed by both your vision and ability to deliver on it. I wouldn’t have seen any potential in it at all.

  3. That is super cute! You certainly gave it new life.

    I’m on a crafty DIY hiatus because we were running out of room in our apartment, so I’ve been living vicariously through everyone else’s summer projects.

  4. I love it! I am a big fan of mosaics and making it your own. Great job!

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