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My son started a new job a few weeks ago and recently received his first paycheck. All of his previous jobs were paid in cash so this was a new experience. He was pretty excited but he was also a little bummed when he saw how much of his hard earned money the government got to keep! Hubby and I nodded agreeing that it had seemed unfair to us when we received our first paycheck.

Naturally all this talk of first jobs inevitable led Hubby and I on a trip down memory lane. The kids just love when that happens!! Like most young boys in the ’70’s Hubby’s first job was delivering newspapers. After that, in college, he worked in a liquor store hauling kegs of beer and cases of wine even though he wasn’t yet legal drinking age.

My first job was working for Taco Bell. I was 16 years old. This was 1979 and Taco Bell was new to our area. My friend Helen (who was the extrovert to my introvert) dragged me along to an interview and and we both ended up getting a job.

I remember my favorite part of the job was that we got to make ourselves anything we wanted to eat on our lunch or dinner breaks. There were all kinds of combinations. We even mixed the sodas with each other.

My least favorite part was the itchy brown polyester uniform. So flattering! Plus there was a danger of being pelted with hot oil when you were frying taco shells! Making the retried beans was very time consuming too. In fact, aside from actually making money, there really wasn’t a whole lot to like!

Several months after getting the job, the manager stole all the money out of the safe and set the restaurant Β on fire to cover up his crime! True story. I swear. The police actually caught him because he stood in the parking lot across the street watching the fire. Not the brightest guy.

Didnt matter anyway. I was so done with that job. Besides, Helen had already found us another one at the local Rite Aid! Β We worked there till college.Β It was pretty lucky I had Helen around to find jobs for me! 😊 These days she works for a bunch of stockbrokers, Hubby is a Counselor in a middle school and I’m teaching math and reading to second graders. Funny when you think about where we all started!

Do you remember your first job? What was the best part? What was the worst?



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  1. My first real job was at a miniature golf course, first on the course and then as a cashier. The owner didn’t allow kids under 8, which was a fun policy to enforce. This guy was turned down one day because his son was too young, and it turned out that he was a columnist for the Chicago Tribune. He wrote a whole scathing column about it!

    • Wonder where he got the magic age of 8? I know at some courses they don’t allow groups to be too big because it slows everyone down. Maybe he felt little kids would do the same. Did he change the policy after the news story?

  2. My first job was as a “donut slinger” at a newly opened donut shop in town, applied while 15 and started at 16 shortly after they opened. Got to eat copious amounts of donuts and met my first love there. It was 1972 , not a career but there was fun to be had. Couldn’t eat donuts for many years after……flashbacks. 😝

  3. My first job was at Baskin Robbins where we wore lovely pink uniforms! The free ice cream made up for the crappy uniforms!

  4. My first job was sanding airplanes to prepare them for repainting. I had to wear paper coveralls, goggles, and either a dust mask or respirator depending on how involved the job was (we did a helicopter my second week…sooooo many rivets to sand around) and you can just imagine how pleased my teenage self was with looking like a dusty Martian all day during the summer.

  5. My first “real” job was at Pizza Hut, and my experiences were pretty much the same! Itchy polyester uniform, hot pizza ovens, all the pizza I could eat for my breaks, and a co worker who we later discovered was systematically embezzling money each time he made a deposit!

  6. WENDY’S alumna.. At the end of my interview I asked the manager if I could have week-ends off. 😯 Needless to say, I got to clean the bathrooms a lot, esp. on the week-ends! 🚽

  7. My first job was at a local pizzeria. The best part- free Jersey pizza! The worst part- meeting up with my friends after work on the weekends and everyone asking who smelled like garlic. πŸ™‚

  8. Wow – dumb criminals always amaze me. If I’m going to risk going to jail for a crime, the rewards better be REALLY big. The contents of a safe at Taco Bell just doesn’t register on the *big* scale for me πŸ™‚

    My first job was as a lifeguard on our local beach in the summers. I spent 3 summers working on that beach and it was a pretty cool first job πŸ™‚

    • That is a cool job. I always wished I was able to work down the shore on the boardwalk. That seemed like fun.

      • It’s a great job for a teenager. I would highly recommend it.
        Of course strong swimming and lifesaving skills are a bit of a prerequisite πŸ˜‰

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