If we were having coffee…(8/2/15)

imageEvery week I enjoy reading Nerd in the Brain’s version of this post. Hope she doesn’t mind my borrowing (stealing 😉) the idea! It seems like a nice way to sum up the week.

I would tell you that I’ve spent the week clutching the car handle while Miss Dee practices her driving. I try to be very encouraging but between you and me…she makes me very nervous! Mr D was much more relaxed and confident when he learned to drive. She just seems to panic if another car is near or a space seems too small for the car. Her test is next week. I’m not feeling positive about the outcome.

I would share that my “summer money panic” reared its ugly head this week. No matter how much I put away for our summer bills I always start to worry that we won’t have enough. Hubby hasn’t put in as many hours as planned in July because the computers are being updated at his school and he hasn’t been able to work on class schedules. He will have to make up for it in August so the money will be here eventually but I still worry. I also worry that didn’t try hard enough to find some summer work. To be honest, I could have found something if I wanted to work everyday but the “perfect” job never presented itself so now I feel guilty.

I would tell you that my big brother turned 60 on August 1st and even though we have never been very close (he moved away when I was 14 and visits rarely), I actually sent him a present, something I never do. Occasionally I remember to send a card but never a gift. I think I chose to this year because the last time I saw him was in November at our mother’s funeral and it made me sad that we didn’t have more of a relationship. My sisters, who are much closer in age to him (we are 8 years apart) share more history. So this year, since it’s a landmark birthday, it wanted to send something special that would help keep him in the family loop. What I did was sort through my mom’s old photos and pull out a selection then I put them in an album to send to him. I also wrote out a Family Tree going back several generation so that he and his daughters and his grandchildren will know more about his family and where they come from. I hope he likes it.

Well, I’m out of coffee! Sorry for rambling on. I know you have a busy Sunday ahead. Thanks for stopping by! Maybe I will see you next week. 😊


14 thoughts on “If we were having coffee…(8/2/15)

  1. Nice post, Nancy and a good idea. Funny what a little gift and extended hand will do. Surprises are always jus around the corner😊

  2. Hi Nancy! I am happy you were able to connect with your brother! What a wonderful gift you gave him! I failed my first driving test when I was a kid. It wasn’t the end of the world and I think it made me a better driver. I will cross my fingers that things go well for her. It is good she wants to learn how to drive. 🙂

    • Thank you! Hearing from him really meant a lot to me! As for Miss Dee, I hope she does well too. I think we may try and reschedule just so she can get more practice parallel parking!

      • That’s a good idea! It was the parallel parking that messed me up. I always blamed it on the “boat” we had to drive. LOL! 😊

  3. Since my parents died, I’ve made much more of an effort to stay in touch with my older siblings … the youngest of which is 5 years older than I am. I’m happy to hear your brother called you and was thrilled with the unexpected gift 🙂
    It doesn’t take much to maintain these relationships, but the dividends it pays is worth so much more.

  4. Fingers crossed for Miss Dee’s driving test next week. I am dreading my son learning to drive, I’m going to be so nervous as a passenger with him driving …!

    • The rule in NJ is if u fail you have to wait two weeks to try again so if she doesn’t make it this time she can squeeze it in again before school starts in September. 😁 I have heard that boys have an easier time so you may get a break when it’s your son’s turn.

  5. I really enjoyed reading this Nancy, and getting to know you a little better :). That is a super sweet thing you did for your brother! I hope he appreciates, but even if he doesn’t, you did a lovely thing. We all have family “stuff.” Believe me. We can only do our best at the moment. 🙂

    • Thank you for you kind words. I actually had a nice surprise today after I published that post. My brother called to tell me he recieved the package and how much he liked it. He said it brought tears to his eyes! Then we talked for half and hour! I’m so glad I decided to send it!

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