Random Quote Wednesday

Welcome to Wednesday! My shout out this week goes to George over at The Off Key of Life, a man who has a wonderfully unique way of seeing the world. Pay him a visit and see. George correctly identified the source of last week’s quote….

“Sometimes it’s fun to do the impossible!

as the wonderful Walt Disney! If you haven’t seen the film “Finding Mr Banks” yet I highly recommend it. The entire cast does an amazing job but Tom Hanks is perfectly cast as Disney. He is a joy to watch.

Sorry, I digress!

Presenting this week’s random quote…

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.

hint: “All I got was a rock.”

Quotes about chocolate are so inspirational! As always, the first person to leave the source of this quote in the comments below, recieves an all expense paid vacation to…nowhere. Sorry, all you get are bragging rights and a shout out on next week’s post. Play anyway!


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    • So funny because I was actually looking for one of her quotes but I couldn’t find one I liked enough that wasn’t really long. Good guess though.

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