If we were having coffee….8/9/15

I can’t take credit for this idea! This chatty “coffee” post comes curtesy of  Part Time Monster . It’s  such a good way to round out the week that I decided to try it here. Hope you enjoy it!)


I would ask you how your week went and if you have any fun plans for the week ahead? I would hope you were spending some time outside, maybe by the water. The weather here has been so wonderful that it’s been hard to stay inside. We even had dinner on the deck last night before the mutant Jersey mosquitos started making a meal of Hubby’s ankles!

I would tell you that Wednesday, Mr D came home from work and told us that the owner informed him and another young man that they would be getting a dollar an hour raise because “they both always keep on top of things and take care of stuff without having to be asked”. This news tickled me on a couple of different fronts. First, I got that “proud parent” moment, you know when you see evidence that your kids are turning out the way you hoped they would. Second, I loved seeing him so obviously happy, especially since he has only worked there two months, and third, what a great lesson for a twenty year old to learn- people DO notice when you do a good job and hard work really DOES pay off!

I would share that yesterday we had a nice visit with a favorite Aunt of mine. She turned 84 this week and since she has had a rough year health wise, her children decided to have a family get together to cheer her up. My niece brought her charming 8 month old (affectionately nick named “Squish”) and he proceeded to steal the show! My Aunt was totally in love! Sometimes babies are the best medicine!

I would tell you that Miss Dee’s driving has really improved. We decided to move her test to the end of the month (whew!) to give us more time to practice. That takes some pressure off. Plus, we found a nifty YouTube video that broke down the steps of parallel parking so well that she totally nailed it! Yay YouTube! Hubby says that there isn’t anything you can’t learn there and I’m beginning to believe him!

I really enjoyed our chat!😉 Thanks so much for coming by!

5 thoughts on “If we were having coffee….8/9/15

  1. Oh what a good week you had there. Being rewarded at work is so important! I think this will definitely help his work ethic and make him a good employee or even employer in his future.

  2. Glad you joined us for coffee!

    Sounds like you’ve a a good week, especially with the family. Here’s hoping you have another coming up!

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