Quick, Catch the Summer! It’s Getting Away!

imageHow could it possibly be the middle of August already! I feel like I was just posting my Summer Bucket List yesterday! Now, according to the Audrey Hepburn calendar hanging in my kitchen, I only have about three weeks to finish it.  I can tell you, it ain’t happening. Still, I feel like I’ve made a pretty good dent in it and there are several new things in the works…

  • Even though we were not able to make our annual camping trip up to Worlds End we are planning on spending Labor Day weekend at my brother-in-law’s vacation house in the mountains. The resort has a lake so I’m sure we will be doing some kayaking. (#1,#10)
  • The weekend before Labor Day a dear old friend and her husband will be coming from Virginia to visit. Even though we keep in touch through e-mail and phone calls, this will be the first time we have been face to face since my wedding 21 years ago! Needless to say, we have A LOT of catching up to do! I’m really excited.(#11)
  • Tonight, Hubby and I are meeting some friends at a local winery for a night of wine tasting and music. It will be outdoors near the vineyards. A very pretty area.(#22,#23)

Okay, so that will be four or five more things to check off the list. As far as what is left…the drive-in movie is out because the place we were going to go has, apparently, really gone down hill. Several friends have told me about the poor condition of the theater and how out of control the crowds sometimes are so I think I will pass on that. The rest we will see about. Pretty sure the whole zip lining thing isn’t going to happen, at least not this summer. Maybe I can trade it for a trip to the trampoline park. Miss Dee said its a lot of fun. What do you think?

So Audrey says I still have 25 days/9 hours to put this baby to rest.  The final count will be posted on September 8th. Wish me luck! 😊

18 thoughts on “Quick, Catch the Summer! It’s Getting Away!

  1. My daughter says trampoline parks are GREAT! They do look fun. As for the drive-in theater…………Buy yourself one of these babies. Use it when your friends come to visit, and possibly even at the lake. Set it up in your yard and watch from you car, or sit in the grass and enjoy it. It can double as a “drive-in movie/movie on the green” for your bucket list. 😉 http://www.walmart.com/ip/Deluxe-Outdoor-Inflatable-Movie-Screen/7983503?action=product_interest&action_type=title&item_id=7983503&placement_id=irs-2-m2&strategy=PWVUB1&visitor_id&category=&client_guid=45d4bf7a-9b48-429f-900b-8b7658b41b6e&customer_id_enc&config_id=2&parent_item_id=5044023&parent_anchor_item_id=5044023&guid=1735e53f-637c-4437-949d-6c99bd293cc9&bucket_id=irsbucketdefault&beacon_version=1.0.1&findingMethod=p13n

  2. Wine tasting is something I have only recently experienced over the last couple of years. We have numerous wineries here in NY along the Finger Lakes region and my wife and I went on our first wine tour three years ago. It was a practical way to find wines we enjoyed.

    I could use a few more weeks of summer too 🙂

    • It’s a chance to try something new. I tend to get stuck in a rut wine-wise! We tried a wonderful peach wine that was great for summer.

  3. Please don’t catch the summer! It’s headed my way and we want it. (Well, until it outstays its welcome.)
    An exercise class at a trampoline centre is on my radar for next week. Sounds like fun.

    • I guess it wouldn’t be fair to keep you from enjoying summer too! 🙂 The trampoline parks do sound like fun. Let me know what you think if you go. My only fear is that I am so clumsy that I could probably find a way to hurt myself even with all the padding!

  4. Exactly! This summer sure flew by quick! I still can’t believe my local markets have been putting out Halloween stuff, it’s getting earlier every year.

    And this is such a cool project. Good luck!

  5. An interesting project…..Can’t wait to see what you can get through in your remaining 25 days!

    • Me too! I’m not one of those people who is comfortable doing things under a deadline! Thank you for stopping by.

  6. I enjoyed reading your list. It looks similar to mine! LOL! I seem to have completion issues also… my house desperately needs cleaning BUT I’m having to much fun! Sounds like you are having a wonderful summer too! Your winery trip sounds fun! Enjoy! 🙂

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