Getting Arty

Item number six on my Summer Bucket List was to complete one new piece of art per week. I haven’t quite managed one a week but I’m pretty close.  At least I’ve kept my hand in and I’ve enjoyed learning some new techniques. Mostly I’ve been working with watercolor paint and pencils which are a new medium for me. But I have really enjoyed some of watercolors that other bloggers like Jodi at Life In Between has posted so I thought I would give them a try. These are a few of the results.

The first one is a pencil drawing I did from an old photo of Miss Dee. After completing it I went back with a wet brush and blended the water to give it a more reflective look. I am happy with how it came out except that I wish I had made the colors darker. The whole image seems a little washed out…

This one is just pencil but I’m thinking I should go back and blend the water like I did I the picture above. What do you think?


These two are images taken from postcards that Kate over at Sincerely Kate  was kind enough to send to me. They were both done with watercolor paint first then I used pencil and ink pen to strengthen some of the lines. I was inspired by my pal Jill Kuhn while working on the tulips at the bottom.  She created some beautiful poppies by using paint first then tracing around the shapes with pen in order to define the flowers. My flowers are smaller but I tried to use the same technique. Thanks for the idea Jill!



It is really a lot of fun stretching my boundaries art wise. I had always worked in pencil or acrylic paint and the sameness had made art a little boring. Now I find that I am being inspired by all the cool stuff I see on other people’s blogs. It feels more like an adventure!

33 thoughts on “Getting Arty

  1. I love this technique you’ve used! Very neat indeed. My favourite is the stepping stone pathway…….

  2. Thank you Nancy for your kind comments! I LoVe your tulip painting! WOWZA! I can’t stop looking at all your amazing details! I like your other art pieces you have posted here as well! I especially like Miss Dee. 💜😊

    • I appreciate the compliment! Thank you for the inspiration! Sometimes it’s hard to motivate my self to actually sit and work on something but I see what enjoyment you get from creating and it makes me want to join in!

  3. Wow Nancy! Look at YOU! A secret hidden gem of an artist! Beautiful work! Are there no limits to your creativity and talent?! BRAVO! Check that item off your bucket list, but please keep on creating (and sharing)! 🙂

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