If we were having coffee…8/23/15

I can’t take credit for this post idea! The Weekend Coffee Chat come curtasey of  Part Time Monster
imageHappy Sunday morning everyone! I’ve noticed that some of the Weekend Coffee Chats are posted on Saturdays but my Saturdays are way too crazy! This is my day to sit with my coffee on the back porch and be lazy. I’m so glad you stopped by! I hope your week was both exciting and fulfilling.

If we were having coffee, I would start off by telling you that this Saturday began at 6:30am as I dragged myself out of bed to help Miss Dee’s tennis team set up for a yard sale. In a moment of weakness, I volunteered to have it here. This is an annual event for the team and helps raise money for uniforms and such. Our garage was packed with donations to put out and the customers showed up before we were even officially opened! It continued nonstop till we closed at noon. Lots of work but well worth it. The team raised over $700.00!!

I would tell you that, after a post-yard sale nap, we popped open the sun roof on Miss Dee’s new Beetle and cruised over to my Father-in-law’s house for a picnic. He and his wife have a lovely house with a large wooded lot, perfect for picnics. Hubby’s dad is a world class grill master so the food was also excellent, especially the salmon. His lovely wife made a yummy peach pie with, of course, Jersey peaches! It was nice to catch up with Hubby’s step brother Kris, who came down from Long Island to visit. He drove the 4.5 hours with his two children (ages 4 and 1) and two dogs, one of which is a 93lb boxer in a small sedan! I told him he was the bravest man I knew! Kris said the high points were stopping at the rest stop because the 4 year old needed the bathroom, leaving the dogs, who tend to chew up stuff if they get upset, alone in the car and when the same child threw up a half hour before they made it to the house! He had intended to spend the night and drive back today but was thinking it might be easier to leave late last night so the kids and the dogs would sleep the whole way. Like I said, a very brave man!

If we were having coffee  I would tell you that our poor kitty Jack has developed a limp. We noticed that he was spending more time downstairs under my desk, which is where he goes when he feels guilty or needs to feel safe.  When he finally did ventured out for dinner (because Jack never misses a meal) he was favoring his right front paw. Watching him limp was heartbreaking😞. He didn’t cry when I felt his leg or paw so I didn’t think anything was broken. A trip to the vet confirmed this. He called it a “soft tissue injury” which is doc-speak for a sprain. We figured out that what might have happened is that Jack jumped up on the kitchen stool to steal some of his sisters food. Something he always tries to do, which is why it is kept up on the stool!! Since Jack is a “big boy” (doc-speak for 15lbs of cat), when he jumped down he may have landed wrong and hurt his foot. So now Jack is taking some anti-inflammatory medication, which by the way, he chomps right down without protest. We are hoping he feels better in a few days.

 Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing some coffee with me!  So how was your week?😊

19 thoughts on “If we were having coffee…8/23/15

  1. What a cute photo of your kitty! I have a “Jack” cat too except mine is all black with little white hairs thrown in here and there. 🙂

    • Aww! You should post a photo of him. Obviously our Jack is very sweet natured and easy going. Miss Dee was trying to see how many cat toys she could pile on him before he stopped being tolerant! I think the count was 15…

  2. Whew….that sounds like a very busy few days…..a non-stop life of fullness and fulfillment!

  3. Well done Hubby’s step-brother! A long journey with small children and two dogs! wow! the garage sale sounds like a lot of work, well done on raising an amazing amount of money.
    Hope Jack gets better soon. 🙂

  4. Sounds like yesterday was a good day, though sorry to hear about the kitty’s injury. Hope Jack is back to jumping about normally very soon. Glad the garage sale went well, though you’re about as brave as your hubby’s step-brother for taking that on! What a weekend for both of you. lol

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