If We Were Having Coffee…9/13/15

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If we were having coffee…I would pour you a cup of strong brew and find out how your week went? I’d ask if you were able to enjoy some relaxing time with family and friends? Hope so. I would like to tell you that my week was like that too but it was actually kind of crazy and exhausting!

I would tell you that Tuesday was the first day of the school year which meant ‘back to work’ for me. The first few days of each year are always an adjustment with new schedules and nervous children but the unseasonably hot weather around here added several degrees (pun intended) of craziness. The school I work in was built in 1923 which means the electrical system is almost as old. Fully air conditioning the building would overload the system so only about half the rooms are equipped with air. Those grades in the hottest rooms on the upper floor  try to hang out in the library or other cooler classrooms if they can. The children were real troopers. I was cranky and sweaty!

Finally, on Thursday, we were blessed with a drop in temperature and some much needed rain. The only problem was that it came with thunder and lightening, not something that most small children are overly fond of. The third graders and I were in computer class when a nearby lightening strike caused a powersurge followed by a 30 second blackout. As an added bonus, when the power returned a glitch in the system set off the fire alarm! The law requires that we evacuate when the fire alarm sounds but it was storming outdoors so the entire school “evacuated” to the gym and waited, as the ear splitting alarm continued to ring, for the police officers to reset it and give us the all clear. Needless to say the students were a little out of sorts for the remainder of the day.

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that Miss Dee also survived her first week of school. She was a little overwhelmed at first because on the first and second day of school the tennis team had two away matches scheduled, one that was an hour and a half drive. Adjusting to a 6am wake up call was hard enough but the matches kept her out till after 7:00 each night. She was really happy about Thursday’s rain storm just because it meant practice was cancelled! Otherwise this is an easy year for her since she worked so hard to get most of her required classes out of the way during her first three years of high school. She has two fun art/photography classes and a 9th period study hall which means she can leave school at 1:40. Seniors also have the option of coming home for lunch.

Hubby and Mr D are adjusting to their new schedules as well although juggling work, 5 college classes and a social life is going to catch up with my son sooner or later! Watch out when it does!!

Well, I know we both have a lot to do. Thanks so much for stopping by! I am going to start my day and get productive….after just one more cup. Wanna join me?


12 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee…9/13/15

  1. Sounds like quite an exciting beginning to your school year. I hated thunderstorms as a kid, so I can relate to those young students (though, for some reason, they rarely upset me when I was at school). Like you, I now find them exciting. I sympathize about the air conditioning. When I was growing up, actually, our schools were not air conditioned except for the library or the front office. Teachers had a lot of fans in their classrooms, and we students used much of our notebook paper folding and creating our own hand held fans. Hope things cool down soon!

  2. Oh goodness, what a messy beginning to the school year!

    In this area, basically everything is air-conditioned, because if not then it’s too hot to stay inside. We’ve been getting summer storms most every day for the past several weeks, which has kept the temp down, but the heat index has been above 110 quite a few times this summer. I’m definitely ready for fall!

    • True. I actually find them exciting. The kids…not so much! My mom was not a fan either. When we were little and a storm came she would gather us in her bedroom, pull down the shades and read books to us until it was over.

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