If We Were Having Coffee….9/27/15

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If we were having coffee…we would be sipping our piping hot brew while enjoying the wonderful autumn breeze that is coming across the porch. Leaves are scattered about us and I can hear the rustling of the trees above. Ahh.

I would tell you that Hubby is not enjoying the Fall as much as we are, though. Hubby is on a mission today! His mission (…should he choose to accept it) involves locating the area around our roof line that has been compromised by our friendly neighborhood squirrels. Said squirrels have been having 3AM parties above our heads for the past few nights and Hubby is out to put an end to their antics!! Watch out  critters! You are dealing with a man who seriously values a good nights sleep.

Unfortunately, this is not our first time doing battle with the squirrels and while I have nothing personal against them, (I enjoy watching them frolic around the yard and have even been known to chat with them occasionally) I really don’t want them hiding nuts in my eaves. Wow, that’s a weird phrase, but you know what I mean, right? Our roof line has some strange peaks and crevices and that is where they usually get in. Hubby has to locate the spot, which involves him standing on a ladder! This also involves me standing on the ground shouting at him to be careful. Then he has to seal up the spot with screening so they can’t get back in. Doesn’t that sound like a fun way to spend a Sunday?

If we were having coffee… I would tell you that Hubby and I did something fun this weekend too. Last night we went to see the new Mission Impossible movie (did anyone pick up on the reference in paragraph two? I was channeling my inner Ethan Hunt). I’m kind of a sucker for action or superhero films. The more out there, the better! I love the on-the-edge-of-your-seat don’t-breath-till-it’s-over thrill ride! This movie really didn’t disappoint. I grew up watching the Mission Impossibe series but I like Tim Cruise in the lead role and the cast he has around him are excellent. Plus ther is a really strong female role which I always appreciate. I saw in an interview that the cast (including Jeremy Renner, Hawkeye in the Avengers films) did a lot of their own stunts. Pretty amazing…and crazy! Glad I’m not married to any of them. I get anxious enough about Hubby up on that ladder!

Speaking of, I hear him out in the garage putting together his tools in order to do battle so I better go. Feel free to stay and finish your coffee…but you might want to move away from the roof line. Things might start flying!!!


17 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee….9/27/15

  1. Then we shall await your Christmas “If We Were Having Coffee” bated breath! 🙂 We had what we think was a opossum get into our attic. Let me tell you, it sounds like a human walking around up there! Very freaky in the middle of the night, particularly when you hear the beams in the attic creak from their weight. Had to also call a repairman out to close up the hole. He said I was lucky it wasn’t a raccoon as they tear things to shreds. The opossum just moseyed on in. Not a Tom Cruise Mission Impossible fan, but loved the original series, though I liked it best when Lesley Ann Warren was in it. Have always loved her! However, I love, love The Avengers and Thor and Captain America, and THOR…………..I might, kind of, have a thing for Thor. 😉

    • Glad your critter problem was solved before too much damage. And as for Tom Cruise, like his acting, not crazy about him personally. I’ve been wondering about the “Man From UNCLE” movie? Might have to see that too.

  2. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who gets nervous when her husband gets up on a high ladder. And mine has been known to do it in a thunderstorm, too!

  3. I’m agreeing with Corina. We’ve also had issues with raccoons. Twice we’ve had roof damage from those persistent little critters trying to break into our attic through a roof vent. Twice we’ve been lucky and thwarted their efforts – but the damage has been costly!
    Better to repair long before they get in!

  4. My critter problem from a lifetime and two houses ago began with squirrels getting in through the 12 x 12 inch vent in the attic which the landlord had left uncovered when it had been damaged. Then they invited raccoons to join them and withing a very short time…days…the raccoon mama had raccoon babies in the attic. They managed to crawl all over through the spaces between the walls. It ended up with an emergency visit on a holiday weekend by the trapper/hunter who had to euthanize the mama. It was not fun. Not cheap (the landlord never reimbursed me for the $500 even though he had authorized it by phone). So the moral of the story is get all the openings covered immediately and stay on top of it if more appear!

  5. Good luck clearing up and stopping the squirrels from getting in! Hope that you managed to get that done quickly and safely and are having an otherwise relaxing Sunday!

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