Jack the Cat is on the Job!

Well the children at school have finally sneezed and coughed on me enough to efficiently share their germs so while I am home sick today I thought I would share this photo of Jack… 

 I found him sitting like this when I stumbled out of bed this morning. I’m pretty sure he is waiting for the  “mouse”. Isn’t he a smart kitty? 😊


7 responses to “Jack the Cat is on the Job!

  1. Well, clearly someone told him that where there is a computer, there is also a mouse. Like you said, very smart cat!!!

  2. Or………..he chased a bug under the laptop and is waiting for you to move said laptop so he can find the darn bug again! haha Can you tell I have cats? 🙂

  3. Jack is feeling better now? I hope 🙂

  4. I think jack might be wanting to watch some funny animal youtube videos. Hope you feel better soon!

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