If We Were Having Coffee-10/11/15

imageIf we were having coffee today you would notice that I am a little behind. It is more like lunch than breakfast and I have been busy busy all morning so I am happy to take a break. The weather has finally decided on Autumn here in NJ and I think it is safe to pack away the shorts and summer wear. That has been my goal so far today but let me tell you about the other things that happened this week…

If we were having coffee… I would tell you that we had an interesting assembly at school on Tuesday. It was called “The NED Show” and featured a very entertaining young woman who shared the importance of “Never giving up, Encouraging others and Doing your best. Get it? We often have programs like. Sometimes they are good and sometimes not so much. This one was exceptionally good. The added attraction was the nifty yo-yo tricks the speaker did while she was telling the story of Ned and how he learned an important lesson about doing what’s right. She was pretty darn talented! The kids were “OOOing” and “Ahhing” over and over. Of course at the end they were given the opportunity to purchase their own yo-yo. The proceeds are used to send “The NED Show” to another school so it’s like paying it forward.

By the end of the week many students had purchased a yo-yo and the principle had carved out a “Ned Zone” on the playground for yo-yo practice. Of course the mom in me sees this as an accident waiting to happen. I mean what is a yo-yo but a hard disc on a long string? Sooner or later someone is going to start swinging it around like a lasso and conk another kid on the in the head. I’ll keep you updated.

If we were having coffee…I would tell you what a fun day I had yesterday. An old friend from Virginia was in town and we spent the day window shopping  and having lunch at a sandwich shop uptown. My lunch was called the “Sinatra” (hey, we’re in Jersey). It consisted of roasted eggplant, sun dried tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese on the most amazing foccia bread! I will definitely be going back there.

I finished the day by heading  down to Alantic City with the family to see a show at the Borgata Hotel and Event Center. We went to see our favorite comedian Brian Regan. If you have never seen him, I suggest you Google him right this very minute! He is one of the funniest guys around and we can all use a few more laughs, right?! The tickets had been birthday presents for Mr D and Miss D but of course Hubby and I had to go along to supervise! 😉 It was a really good show. I’m pretty sure at some point Hubby had tears rolling down his face from laughing so hard! Afterwards, we had some delicious gelato and then headed home.

If we were having coffee…I would thank you so much for stopping by. I really enjoyed my break but I guess I better get back to work! See you next Sunday.

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14 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee-10/11/15

  1. What a busy and nice week you had. I love the yo yo idea but I also see an accident waiting to happen! The sandwich sounds amazing yummm! What a fun night out! Thanks for the coffee!

  2. Sounds like a good week! I’m surprised at the yo-yo thing, though I don’t think it’s a bad idea—it’s just something I know would be objected to in most schools here.

    And oooh, gelato!

  3. I’m with you on the yo-yo area. I hope we’re both wrong, but I doubt we are, so perhaps I should hope no one is badly injured.
    I consolidated and purged this last spring, and no longer store away any season’s clothing. It’s changed my life. I will simply rotate boots out of boxes and sandals into boxes, all of which are in my closet. No more trunks back and forth to the garage for me!
    Mmm, gelato! We had pudding last night, but gelato sounds better 😉
    Hope you have a great week, Nancy!

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