If We Were Having Coffee…10/18/15

imageIf we were having coffee…we would be sitting in the kitchen cozy and warm watching the leaves dance past the window. We had a frost come through overnight here in South Jersey and it seems like my porch days for this year are numbered. Hubby put away the swing and the picnic table but he left me the adirondack chairs in case I wish to brave the elements. You don’t mind if we stay indoors for now do you? We may have a fire in the chiminea tonight and make some s’mores. You’re welcome to come back!

For now, let’s just enjoy our drinks indoors and we can share some treats that Mr D brought home from work yesterday. At the store they call them “oopsies”. Actually they are the apple cider donuts that don’t make the cut. They’re too small or misshapen and can’t be sold so they offer bags of them to the employees at the end of the day. Hey, anyone who hands me a bag of donuts is instantly my hero!! I have a slight addiction to baked goods. So help yourself to an “oopsie” and tell me about your week. I hope it was a good one.

If we were having coffee… I would tell you that my sister has enlisted me to help with her youngest grandson’s 1st birthday party. The first hurdle was to get her husband to agree to have the party at their house (he can be a bit of an old fart ☺️). The second hurdle will be reining my sister in. She tends to get really  intense about this kind of stuff and is now in a full party planning frenzy! There is a large Pinterest board for the party and there is a theme. Speaking of which…what the heck is a Bubble Guppy? I’ve been out of the loop kid’s-tv-wise for quite a few years. I remember “Arthur” (you know, the aardvark), the “Rugrats” and “Sesame Street” but educational fish are new to me.

If we were having coffee… I would share that Friday was the last match of Miss Dee’s high school tennis career. It was a little emotional for her and the other senior girls and for the coach who is retiring. To be honest, I was a little emotional too! I just have to keep reminding myself that for each “last” that this  year brings, there are lots of “firsts” right around the corner.

I’m so glad you stopped by to chat! I hope you have a relaxing Sunday. As for me, I plan on doing a little painting after I take care of some laundry and a chocolatey looking spot on the living room carpet that no one is owning up to! Then maybe take a walk with my honey and enjoy the crisp air.

Come by again next week so we can catch up!!

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32 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee…10/18/15

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  2. I’m always so sentimental about the “last” of something…I just love how you stated that it may be the last but a bunch of firsts are around the corner! Sounds like fall has hit you hard! We still have some 80+ days for another week or two. Getting cooler at night!

    • Thank you! I’m staying positive as always!! I am also hoping for a mild winter but I don’t think that’s in the forecast.

    • The worse (or best) part is that my hubby is an amazing baker! He bakes to relax. I help him out by eating his yummy cookies and brownies. That’s how I relax!

  3. Bubble Guppies! It’s a really cute show. My grandson loves it. Party ideas…lots of fish and underwater decorations; alphabet and number decorations; maybe a fishing game; gold fish cracker treat (they come in rainbow colors now). Lots of fun there!

    • Hmmm. Okay, I like fish! My sister has four other grandchildren who are 4 and up so we need to plan activities and food for them as well. Fishy crackers are a good idea since almost everyone likes them. Thanks for the info and for dropping by!

      • I’m sure the older ones will love it, too. My grandson is 5 and still loves it, in fact even more so now that he is in kindergarten. Maybe some kind of game where they can find items that begin with a given letter. Scavenger hunt for all 26 letters of the alphabet? Counting and sorting game? Lots of possibilities.

  4. Yummy baked goods!! The gooyier the better! Yum-yum-yum! Here in Indiana, the grass is crunchy in the morning and it’s a bit too chilly to be out for long. Thankfully I put the summer things away a few weeks ago.
    Thanks for the coffee and donuts!

    • You are most welcome! Thanks for stopping by. How are the winters in Indiana? Is there a great deal of snow or just frigid temperatures?

      • Both! Have the occasional blizzard and zero and below temps with high winds. I’m in the northern third of the state so we sometimes have a big difference between where I am and southern part of the state.

  5. Awh! Love! I might need to write an”if we were having coffee post” 🙂 I just received the most special new mug…. 🙂

  6. It’s time to prep for winter here in mid- Michigan too, although I am excited about it. Days of fresh crisp air, free of bugs and humidity are upon us!
    Thank you for the coffee, and those doughnuts sound wonderful.

    • Thank you. I’m so glad you came. I am surprised you are still enjoying Fall. I thought it had been snowing in Michigan this week?

  7. We actually have snow on the ground here in Erie, believe it or not…..my heater is on! Ugh. Where is autumn?

  8. Thanks for the coffee, I just started putting stuff away for winter as well. Wow the party sounds like fun but you are the stable force ha ha! Have a lovely walk and day!

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