Invasion of the Outerwear

I’m pretty sure my son’s hoodies are multiplying.

Is this possible? If you leave them alone, hanging in the pantry overnight do they reproduce?  All I know is that every time I turn around, there is another hoodie hanging over something, somewhere in the house.

I guess this means that not only are they multiplying, they’re migrating as well!

Even he must notice this weird phenomenon because he complains about finding other family members wearing his hoodies all the time. Our answer: they’re always handy.

It’s true. Anywhere in our house, if you reach out your hand and spin in a circle, you are bound to make contact with one. Eerie.

I’m not sure if there is some authority I should notify about this. Who would be in charge of migrating, reproducing outerwear? NASA? Animal Control? Urban Outfitters?

For now, I’ll just observe and take notes on their behavior. I would advise you all to check your closets too, just in case…





4 thoughts on “Invasion of the Outerwear

  1. Whew! I was feeling pretty alone! Although, we have a slight mutation on the Vans….we have Nike instead and they do spread faster than the hoodies. Must be a mutant strain!

  2. Oh Nancy! I’m so glad this isn’t just happening in my house! I really thought it was just here….sort of like we’re the Area 51 for hoodie invasions! I’m convinced of the replication and multiplication of hoodies …is there something in the air that creates this phenomenon? Is there something in the hoodie itself? Of course, the hoodie situation is closely followed by VANS shoes. OMG! They’re everywhere!

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