Christmas Postathon….Day 1

A favorite Holiday Decorations


This little house is a result of this the ceramic phase my mother went through back in the 1980’s. For many years it spent the Christmas season in the living room of the house where I grew up. Then it moved to the condo Mom purchased after dad passed away. Now it has come to live in the home I share with my husband and children.

Over the years, the lid has been broken and glued back together and a few of the little colored “bulbs” have gone missing but I think that is part of its charm. Every December I look forward to  putting it on the table behind our sofa and being reminded of Mom every time I see it.

13 thoughts on “Christmas Postathon….Day 1

    • That’s Chrissy. Isn’t she funny! She loves to sleep there I think because the tree skirt is a latch hook rug and is very sort. She gets very offended when we actually put the gifts under the tree and there is no more room for her!

      • I have had cats like that, too. Mine just climbed over the gifts and “created” a spot to sleep anyway. : )

  1. I love it! And, you are right, the many repairs and missing pieces add their own stories, and make those pieces even more valuable.

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