Christmas Postathon Day 8

A Holiday Tradition you have with your family or friends


Over the years as my children have grown we have had many holiday traditions. We’ve done the usual things like putting out milk and cookies for Santa, sprinkling reindeer food on the lawn and creating slightly tilted gingerbread houses. Some other traditions were more uniquely our own like having Santa leave them each a gift under their tiny tree upstairs. This one gift they were alowed to open before they came to wake us. If it was an interesting enough toy, it had the added bonus of buying mom and dad a few more minutes of sleep!

Sadly, the little ones have now become young adults so most of those traditions have gone by the wayside. One that they still insist on is hanging their stocking on Christmas Eve. It’s the last thing they do before heading to bed and the first thing they look for on Christmas morning.

My favorite tradition is one that Hubby and I began when Mr D was still a baby. After the children are all nestled (snug in their beds😉), we get ourselves an adult beverage and snuggle up to watch A Christmas Carol, the 1951 version with Alistair Sims, which is actually called Scrooge. There are many adaptations but that one is our favorite. Hubby has always thought he would make a rather good Ghost of Christmas Present! It’s quite cozy. We get to enjoy the calm before the storm, the lights from the tree and, I confess, we also eat Santa’s cookies.😊🎄

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