Christmas Postathon Day 13

Wrapping paper or gift bags?

image This one is a no brainier. Wrapping paper all the way!

I know that gift bags are easy and great in a pinch. Some are even quite lovely or unique but lifting out tissue paper and picking an item up out of a bag is not the same as unwrapping a present. The experience is totally different.

Wrapping gifts is one of my favorite holiday activities. In fact, I’m pretty darn fussy about it. The paper has to be just right, (old fashioned holiday scenes, preferably with Santa or a tree). I need a flat surface, sharp scissors, invisible tape and a really good pen for writing on the tags. Then there is matching ribbon and bows and sometimes little ornaments to add to the front. Annoying, huh? No wonder no one likes to wrap with me.

My father-in-law has been known to take gift wrapping to a whole new height. He is the master wrapper! He has wrapped some pretty weirdly shaped things and has never once stooped to putting them inside a box first. Over the years he has wrapped a baseball bat, tennis racquet, dinosaur, cowboy hat, various tools, and a canoe paddle among other things. We always have the most fun on Christmas just trying to guess what might be in the packages he pulls out of his sack!

We would miss out on all that fun if, one year, my father-in-law suddenly decides to use gift bags instead!

I rest my case. 😊

15 thoughts on “Christmas Postathon Day 13

  1. I agree with you about gift bags – it isn’t quite the same with *unwrapping* a gift. However that hasn’t stopped me from using gift bags when its convenience suited me 😉

    Interesting reading about Heather’s tradition of using only ribbon and no tape so that it can be re-used. I’m afraid we are at the opposite ends of the spectrum.
    My adult-boys take perverse joy in using EXCESSIVE tape on everything they wrap with the deliberate intention of slowing down the unwrapping process. Opening a gift from them is a workout.

    I’ve heard of families whose tradition is to put unwrapped gifts under the tree. That sounds like no fun at all :/

    • I agree, you need some kind of wrap or it loses its magic. I used to know some one like your boys. After you got past the paper, all four sides of the box were taped shut as well!! I guess that’s one way to build suspense. ☺️

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  3. I love to wrap, too. I much prefer tearing open the paper for the big reveal, and I assume other people feel the same? Now and again, I’ll choose gift bags, kinda as a last resort. I try to save boxes for oddly shaped gifts. (I don’t have your FIL’s talents, obviously.)

  4. Growing up (and now I continue it with my own family), Christmas presents were always wrapped with paper and ribbon but NO STICKY TAPE. Gift tags only ever had the name of the receiver not the giver and were attached via a hole punched in the corner and threaded onto the ribbon before tying the bow. The idea then being that after the gift-giving, the paper was folded, the ribbon rolled, the tags saved and it was all reused the following year. We have Christmas paper that’s been around for YEARS. 😀

    But this only applies in-house. Gifts for outsiders always get new paper. 🙂

    • What a cool idea! This really appeals to my thrifty nature but ii think it would be a challenge for me to wrap without tape. We have some pieces of ribbon that my sister-in-law and I have been passing back and forth for years. I think it was originally purchased for their wedding favors!

  5. I love ripping open wrapping paper almost as much as I enjoy wrapping. Pulling a present out of a bag just doesn’t seem as much fun…:)

  6. A great post! I love wrapped gifts, and I like wrapping them. I also want to say how much I’m enjoying your Christmas Postathon. I had high hopes of joining in, but it just hasn’t been in the cards this year. Still, I am living vicariously through you and the others who are following your prompts. Thanks for the great idea!

    • That’s so nice of you to say! It’s a little challenging posting everyday but so far it’s been fun. It’s also helping to keep me in the Christmas spirit. I’m glad you are enjoying my ramblings! Jump in if you get the chance. The more the merrier!🎄

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