Christmas Postathon Day 18

CELEBRATING the holiday with your pets

Anyone who has pets knows that they are as much a part of the holiday celebration as the rest of the family. We buy them presents and make accommodations for them. We forgo the tinsel on our tree because it’s bad for the cats and we tie up the tree because the cats are bad for it! Last year Santa brought them a kitty tunnel that they were totally underwhelmed by. Maybe he will do better this year.😊

They have their stockings that Santa fills with treats each year and you know of course that Jack loves dressing up for the occasion!image

On Christmas morning, Jack and Chrissy lay in the kitchen doorway and watch us open gifts. Chrissy has a thing for paper balls and I think she gets excited by all that paper tearing. Their predecessor Maggie the Cat would lay on the sheets of paper as soon as they hit the floor. We used to have to push her off so we could clean up! Eventually, we give them something out of their stockings and sometimes they like it and sometimes not so much. They are cats, after all! If it has catnip, it’s usually a hit.

When company start to arrive, they disappear. They’re not big on noise and chaos which is what our house is like by mid afternoon. They sleep away Christmas Day but in the evening as the quiet settles in and we sit down to relax they show up. They sniff all the new things and have some treats and Chrissy will curl up again under the tree.image

I wonder what our pets think about Christmas?


10 thoughts on “Christmas Postathon Day 18

  1. As I write this, my cat Theo is curled up under the tree … his favourite afternoon nap spot since the tree went up 🙂
    Love your picture of little Chrissy under the tree 🙂

    • That’s so funny! I wonder why they like to lay underneath like that? Chrissy is a strictly indoor cat. I don’t know that she’s ever been near an actual growing tree!

      • Theo is an outdoor cat and in the warm weather he loves to sleep under a shrub deep in the shade.
        I’ve always thought it was because he feels hidden and safe, but at the same time can see what’s going on around him 🙂

  2. My dog knows she gets a gift Christmas morning. And she’s right there, checking out the tree, until she finds the gift bag with her stuffed squirrel in it, too!

  3. I love the stockings for your cats, Nancy! 😊 I think my cat thinks the tree and it’s ornaments are all rather strange. I can hear him mutter, “You put these dangling things up so I WONT play with them?! What kind of holiday is this anyway?! 😻🎄🎁

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