Christmas Postathon Days 19 and 20

I dropped the ball yesterday and never got to Day 19. My excuse is that I was busy celebrating my birthday and never even turned on the computer! Yesterday and today’s prompts work very well as a team anyway. So here goes…

The Christmas Tree

White Lights or Colored lights?

This is actually perfect timing because at this moment there is an unadorned tree sitting in the living room waiting to be decorated. It will have, as it does every year, colored lights. It’s not that I have anything against white lights, in fact I think they are very pretty, it’s just that we’ve used colored ones for as long as I can remember so it’s kind of a tradition.

Now, for the tree, itself, it seems that most families have traditions involving that too; who pickles it out, who puts on the lights, who decorates it. In our family, hubby usually go and gets the tree. Miss Dee has been going with him the last few years and they’ve been getting it from the tree farm where Mr D works.

My job is to put on the lights. This became my job by default because no one else does it the way I like it. Since I’m being so fussy, I get to do it! Then we all decorate the tree together.

Everyone has ornaments that were given especially to them so those are the ones they put on. I have many that belonged to my grandmother or that I purchased before I got married. Hubby has lots of Eagles ornaments and others that he has collected over the years and of course each child has received many over the years.

We always keep the tree lights off while we decorate then after we are done we turn off all the house lights and turn on the tree. Of course we have to stand there and “Oooo” and “Ahhh” for a bit, appreciating our hard work.

Between you and me, I sometimes move some of the ornaments around when no one is looking. When the kids were little I had to do this because all the ornament were squashed onto the bottom half of the tree. I still do it because, again, I’m fussy.😊 Besides, for some reason all of the Eagles ornaments seem to end up front and center! I can usually find a much better spot around the side…on the bottom.

When I was young, my father was in charge of picking out the tree. My dad, how ever was both a procrastinator and very frugal so you can probably imagine the trees we had growing up! The one below is from 1963, the year I turned one. That’s my cute little rocking horse off to the left. As you can see, the tree is a tiny bit too tall! Dad was also known to drill holes in the trunk and “add” branches in the bare spots!  My mom, the Queen of Tinsle, always managed to make them look pretty anyway.


I mean, let’s face it, all Christmas trees are beautiful. It’s part of the magic.🎄

18 thoughts on “Christmas Postathon Days 19 and 20

  1. It’s your birthday?!! … and I missed it?!
    I hope you are enjoying your birthday week and it’s extra special 🙂

    The tinsel on the tree does remind me of my childhood too … and yes, we too had to carefully pick it off after Christmas in a misguided attempt to *save* it for the following year. Funny how that never worked out ok 😉

  2. You’re right, the trees are all special — I love all the trees! I’ve never met one I didn’t love 🙂 I love your commentary on the Eagles ornaments, too 😉

  3. Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

    Secondly, when I was little we had two trees. The big one in the lounge that was decorated by my mother and older siblings and then a smaller one in the hallway for me and my younger brother to decorate (there was a five year gap between me and the next sister up). Took all the pressure out of it. Our boys mostly decorate our tree. I’m not that fussy so I let them do it however they want.

    We have coloured lights but rarely remember to switch them on. Last year we had a Doctor Who themed tree complete with Weeping Angel on the top. Walking into the room in the dark with the lights flashing on the tree was decidedly creepy. Even so, the Weeping Angel has found herself back on the top of the tree this year. 🙂

    • Thank you for the birthday wish! I have a nephew who would have loved your Dr Who tree! If it were up to him the tree would be covered in Dr Who and Marvel Superheroes. His wife likes a more traditional tree. Guess who wins!😉 we keep our lights on as much as possible but I can see where, on your tree, they would be a little “creepy”! Thanks for sharing your story. I love hearing everyone’s traditions!

  4. Oh the tinsel..doubt you can purchase it now. We had to remove the tinsel as delicately as possible so it could be saved for the next year. Of course mother always made the tree look as if it were covered in tin foil. Imagine her delight when aluminum trees came out!

    • I can’t imagine trying to save the tinsel! It was always all over everything. Static electricity made it cling to anything that got near!

      • I know!! But we did. You want to talk frugal! Geez! It was a nightmare. She had made a cardboard thing to gently wind the tinsel around. I remember one year my dad got angry while taking ornaments off the tree and picked up tree and stand and lights..the works and chucked it out the back door! He usually did not demonstrate such anger, but wow! Had me scared to death…all over the tinsel!

      • My mom and dad used to go at it over which side of the tree was best and if it was straight! I remember him laying on the ground under the tree turning it while she gave directions. Finally he would say “That it! It straight!” Kind of funny since NO side was really all that good anyway!

      • Haha!! Did he ever have to tie it with rope to the curtain rod to keep it from tipping over, stating that the salesman switched trees on him because the one he picked out was straight!

      • Lol!! We did have to tie them up occasionally but he never found anyone to blame! We tie ours up to the curtain rod because the cats knocked it over one Christmas Eve so I guess we know who to blame for that!

  5. That’s such a 50’s/60’s tree. My father loved putting tinsel in one strand at a time. He had such patience but it made me crazy..:) great story, Nancy.

  6. As a kids, we always had a tree which I ended up decorating (my brothers couldn’t be bothered, although they loved to throw tinsel in big clumps all over the place). In my own home we always had a tree, even when I divorced and relied on my young daughters to help me drag it into the house. I have tons of ornaments still but haven’t put up a big tree in years since we stopped having Christmas at home (always in San Diego for a week). Now that I have a new big master bedroom I might put a tree in there next year! Fun post to read and Happy birthday!!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for adding your tale. It’s so interesting to hear all the different ways people celebrate. I think having a tree in you bedroom would be excellent! Imagine what wonderful dreams you would have if you fell asleep to fairy lights!😊🎄

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