Me and My Filthy Forehead

imageTrue story…

Yesterday I went to the mall. I had several gift cards burning a hole in my pocket so I thought I would treat myself to a few things I’d been wanting. Leisurely, I strolled around my favorite department store making purchases here and there. After a few hours I was ready to head home.

On my way through the store I decided to make a quick stop in the ladies room, because…you know. Anyway, as I was at the sink washing my hands I glanced up at the mirror and noticed a large black smear across my forehead.

“Hmm?” thought I, “How odd.” I wiped off the offensive spot, dried my hands and continued through to store and out to my car.

But, here’s the thing that kept going through my head the whole way home…

How long had I been walking around with this smudge on my face and why had no one I’d interacted with mentioned it?

This was not a small mark. Think “Ash Wednesday” kind of smudge only maybe the Father sneezed and smeared sideways. I started replaying the previous few hours in my head.

“Did the sales woman at the ladies wear counter avoid eye contact as she rang up my scarf because she didn’t want to stare at my filthy forehead?”

“Were the two women, in the housewares department, who complimented my hair and asking if I had highlights, really just trying to find a nice way to tell my my forehead was covered in dirt?”

“Did I accidentally get black gunk on my hand from the sole of the black boots I was trying on and then wipe it on my head? ย Did the sales lady that fetched the boots in my size notice the soot when I paid for them?”

ย You can bet that if I had been at work instead of the mall, one of the students would have told me. They like to let me know if something needs my attention. (“Mrs D your socks are two different colors.” ย or “Did you know you have a really big pimple on your chin?” or “Your hair looks kind of funny today.”) They’re very helpful that way.

Maybe the people at the mall don’t have the same moral code as my second graders but still you would have thought that someone, at some point, would have said something, for crying out loud!

I would have.

Rest assured, if I ever see you in public with a black smear on your face, a price tag hanging from your clothes or something stuck in your hair I will, without a doubt, quietly and politely let you know. Promise you will do the same for me, okay?

Thanks. ๐Ÿ˜Š

14 thoughts on “Me and My Filthy Forehead

  1. I once wore a new suit all day, received many compliments and alot of “is that new?” until I noticed the price tag was hanging under my arm at the end of the day. I was working in outside sales and interacted with easily 50 people over the course of about eight hours.
    No one said a word.
    I promise I will always tell someone if there is something amiss as I hope it will encourage good karma to come back around to me.

    • Lol! Don’t you wonder what those people said after you left?! I was thinking that about the folks I interacted with…”Do you think she knows she has that smudge?” I agree about the good karma. It never hurts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Wow. I usually help people out with wardrobe malfunctions so if you were in front of me, I’d hand you a facial tissue and a mirror to check. I sometimes accidentally smear (very dark) eye shadow on my cheek but have only missed it once. On more than one occasion I get runny eye shadow but no one has ever told me. I hope this never happens to you again.

    • See, now we think alike!! I thought that it might have been a bit of mascara too. That was a theory because that does happen to me now and then. Thanks for stopping by!!๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. I agree. Don’t we all have the same terrible fear of being caught out with spinach in our teeth? our skirt tucked up into the back of our pantyhose? or a ripped seam in the back of our pants?
    As embarrassed as I would feel, I would also be eternally grateful to the kind person who let me know!

  4. Is that the Customer Service Line that they’re not sure whether to cross it or not? Personally, like you, I would see it as the epitome of customer service to tell you if something was amiss. Maybe they thought it was a religious marking. I hear the Hot Cross Buns are already out in the supermarkets so who’s to say there couldn’t be people out and about with ash on their heads?

    • Perhaps! I guess they were concerned about asking. I don’t get offended too easily but I’m sure some people do. Thanks for having my back, though!๐Ÿ˜‰

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