The Weekly Smile #2…A Smile and a Wave

My smile this week is dedicated to one of my favorite people. Her name is Ellen. and she is one of a small army of dedicated crossing guards that watch over our children as they walk to and from school.  After retiring eight years ago she couldn’t stand “just sittin’ around” and so went back to work crossing students at the corner next to my house. I would guess she is in her early seventies.

My own children are among the kids she has crossed so I know for a fact that she greets each child by name and wishes them a good day. She also notices if someone is home sick and watches for their return. The students, in return look forward to seeing her, and can’t wait to share any exciting news they have.

As I left my house this morning at 8:15, there was a fridge wind and the temperature was hovering at 18  degrees fahrenheit.  Winter, it seems, has finally arrived in South Jersey! Ellen had already been on the job for over an hour. This is how she was dressed…


This is a woman who could be spending her retirement anyway she likes and she chooses to get up at the crack of dawn and stand outside in the elements watching over other people’s children.

As I drove past, she called, “Good morning!” and offered a friendly wave and a big smile just as she has done every single morning from September to June for the past eight years.

How could I not smile? 😊

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18 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile #2…A Smile and a Wave

  1. What a special person Ellen is. I can fully understand why she couldn’t just sit at home. She obviously loves being with people and treasures each and every person she meets which is truly remarkable. Don’t you so often see someone smile at someone and as soon as they’re out of ear shot or have turned away, they attack nd knock them down…the smiling assassins.
    What a beautiful lady!
    xx Rowena

  2. I think you should give her a copy of that picture! : ) Loved this story and the smile it gave me. Bet she misses those kids during the summer!

    • Thanks! I realized after I saw her again later that I forgot the bright yellow safety vest she wears. I knew something looked off!

  3. That would make me smile, too. You know, I’m sure she is getting lots of smiles from all the kids she watches over or she wouldn’t be doing it!

    • She sure is! Every June, on the last day of school I always say “See you in September!”
      Her answer is always the same,”God willing!”
      So He must indeed be looking out for her. 😊

  4. Ellen sounds like a very good person. Brr, she has to be dedicated to the kids to stand outside on a day like today! And greeting you with a smile and a wave? No human could resist smiling back! Thanks for this week’s smile!

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