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One of my favorite “blog-buddies” over at  Spence’s Girl  kindly nominated me for the Spirit Animal Award!  In order to accept this award, I’m to share who I am, what my blog means to me and what animal I would want to be.

First, before I get into that, I want to give a big THANKS to Spence’s Girl and tell you a bit about her and her site. Not only does she grow beautiful flowers and cook some amazing looking dishes,  she and Spence also share some of their travel adventures as well, but I think my favorite part of her blog is just the happy, content feeling that comes through in her posts. She is someone who genuinely enjoys life and lives it to the fullest. I always feel refreshed and positive after visiting her blog! Oh, and she loves cats too! 😊

Now to the task at hand.

Who I am…

Wow, this is actually pretty hard. How about if I just list ten word or phrases that I feel describe me? Here goes…

  1. Spouse
  2. Mom
  3. Artist
  4. Book lover
  5. Educator
  6. Yoga practicer
  7. Small town Jersey girl
  8. Middle class
  9. Old film buff
  10. Obsessively neat and organized 😊

What my blog means to me…

For this one I feel like I need to go back to 2011 when this blog had what I’m calling a “false start.” I can’t remember what made me think of blogging back then but I found WordPress, set up a site and named it “4 Walls and a Roof” intending for it to be a blog about my home and raising my kids. After about a half dozen post, I lost interest. Obviously, the time, or my motivation wasn’t right, so I put the idea aside.

Then, in March of 2015, I was four years older and on the other side of fifty. Maybe it was the entrance into middle age or the struggles of the intervening years, which included battles with some anxiety based health issues, and my Mother’s difficult last few years, but I suddenly felt the need to get stuff down on paper. I was thinking about starting a journal. I had alway kept one when I was younger but then I remembered the dormant WordPress site.

The original purpose of my renamed site was a chance to tell some stories about my family, especially with both of my parents gone, and to get out some of the junk that was circling around in my head.  Being a bit of an introvert, I tend to avoid phone conversations and big social gatherings. This seemed like a good alternative.

In reality, what it has become, and what it means to me is being accepted into a community of people that I can be honest with and share all the crazy stuff that pops into my head! I also love getting to know other bloggers and hearing about the stuff that goes on in theirs!  Blogging has broadened my horizons by introducing me to people from all over the world and given me a chance to learn about so many exciting new ideas and interesting places.

What animal would I like to be….

While I would have to admit that my two cats have a pretty great life, I think that I would want to be an eagle. I have always wanted to be able to fly and often dream about it (I’m sure that means something. If you know please clue me in). Eagles are such beautiful, powerful birds and I can’t imagine anything cooler than being able to soar hundreds of feet above the ground and having the freedom to go anywhere you chose.

Paying it forward

I nominate the following bloggers for this award. By doing so, I am just saying that I really love your blog and enjoy reading it. If you wish to accept the award and take part that’s great but if you don’t, no worries!

A Texan’s View of Upstate New York…a young military wife setting up house keeping and learning about her new surroundings.

Traveling the World Solo?…A courageous  young woman working as a midwife and living a life of endless adventures

Daisy Smiley Face….freelance writer offering smiles, life lessons and just a bit of nonsense!




14 thoughts on “Spirit Animal Award

  1. If I may offer my philosophical view. I think the “flying dreams” makes sense now that I “know” you a bit more from this posting. You love people and places, but freely admit that large gatherings are not your thing. Flying not only gives you a chance to see and “be around” others, without being in the midst of it, but it also gives you that opportunity to go anywhere at anytime to see all those places you love. And, well, as a Mom, that part is easy. You can fly overhead and watch over your children with an eagle’s eye. I don’t know. Just my take on it. I think your spirit animal is very cool! And I appreciate learning about the three bloggers you nominated! I will definitely be checking out their pages.
    One question: You said you renamed your blog page? I’m not sure if I’m going to rename mine or not, though I’ve been considering it. How does one go about doing that? And what happens to the blogs that were written under the original name? Loved learning more about you, and am so very glad I came across your blog page.

    • I like your take on the whole “eagle” thing. You might be on to something. I don’t like feeling trapped or closed in so it does make sense. Thanks!
      As for the old site, my domain is still listed as “4wallsnaroof@wordpress” I just went into the “setting” page and changed my blog title and tag line. I have another blog too under the same domain so I guess you can keep adding. My plan is the free one so I’m not sure if there is a difference for the upgraded plans. My old posts from 2011 are still listed with the post from this site. I don’t think I had more than a few followers on that site. Not sure what happened to them.
      Thanks for you kind words. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you too! 😊

  2. Well done Nancy and well deserved. And thank you for the kind words about spencesgirl.wordpress.com. It’s been wonderful getting to know you through your blog!

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