The Weekly Smile #5…Music, Wine and Pizza

Hubby and I were invited to join his father and step-mom at a nearby winery this past Saturday night. They had visited before and raved about the wine and the stone oven baked pizza. They also wanted us to hear the band that was performing there that night. My father-in-law has very eclectic taste in music so we just never know what to expect but this band was quite good. They did a sort of folk/blues/county rock kind of thing and the male singer had a deep swampy southern voice that was fun to listen, and tap your feet to.

Listening to music is such a wonderful way to lift the spirits and celelbrate life. My favorite way to enjoy music is to listen to it live and in a small intimate setting like it was Saturday.  When the band begins a song and I recognize the first few notes, I automatically start smiling and if the people around us react the same, an instant bond is formed. Soon the audience is all swaying and singing along. Personally, I have no musical talent whatsoever so the only time I sing in public is when an entire room of people is on hand to drown me out!

We left the winery feeling full and happy and I started thinking about how many different kinds of music there are and how they can bring joy in so many different ways. I couldn’t even begin to list all the songs that make me smile but here is one that I really love. I suppose, because it is such weddings staple,  it always makes me think of love and possibilities…

How about you? What kind of music makes you smile?

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14 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile #5…Music, Wine and Pizza

  1. That really does sound like a fun evening. Music…I smile when there is music I can move to. Other music is great, too but if it is a tune that makes me want to get up and move, that’s where the smiles come in.

      • It does seem to be a bit of a fad or at least they seem to be having a reerguencs, they are wild leeks and have been around for ages, the Food52 article has some interesting info on them. I’m guessing they won’t be much of a fad in your kitchen!

  2. I am so eclectic in my music that there are many songs that either bring a smile to my face, or cause me to “crank it up”. Either way, I think music quite often is bridge over many barriers for us personally, but also among groups, too. What a fun evening it sounds like you had!

  3. I’m quite fond of Bruno Mars..”You can count on me”.
    Much of the music I listen too is about releasing sadness or hurt in some way, which also brings about a smile after the catharsis has ended. I remember listening to Queen studying for my HSC exams, the end of high school exams in Australia.

  4. I love experiencing live music with folks who really love said music; the enthusiasm is infectious!

  5. Wine, (stone oven) pizza and music – sounds like a perfect evening to me! I have very, very eclectic tastes in music. If you read my last coffee post I mentioned a few genres – just about anything ever made 😉 The version of Canon in D you posted is very nice. Thanks for the smile 🙂

    • Yes, I thought you would be on board with this particular smile! My FIL often plays opera music in the car when he takes my kids out. They think he is torturing them but I don’t think so. 😉

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