The Weekly Smile #7- Hang up the banana, and eat your lunch.


I’ve been doing lunchroom duty for about nine years now. It is by far the craziest, most chaotic hour of my day but I’ve learned that maintaining a sense of humor about it keeps me from becoming totally stressed out. My co-worker Kathy and I, who share this duty each day, both use this technique. Occasionally our need for nonsense results in random bets or games based on life in the lunchroom. We look forward to one such event that always occurs on “banana day.”

By “banana day” I simply mean any day that a banana is served as part of the hot lunch that some of the students purchase. Why only bananas, you might ask? Why not pick on apples or oranges? Β I assure you, I believe in total fruit equality but those other fruits don’t have the same effect on children that bananas do. Let me explain.

There is a weird phenomenon that surrounds this long yellow fruit and it occurs each and every time they are served in the lunchroom. You see, it doesn’t matter how tech savvy 7 year olds are today or how well they have mastered the use of their parents smart phones, if you put a banana in front of them, sooner or later, they are going to pick it up, put it to their ear and pretend to talk on it like an old fashioned telephone. It never fails. They simply can’t resist.

Kathy and I take bets on how long it will take for the first kid to pick up the banana phone and start calling their friends. The record is eight minutes. I kid you not.

Soon they’re all talking into their fruit and the kids that brought bag lunches are starting to get jealous. Eventually we’re forced to utter the inevitable request..

“Please hang up the banana and eat your lunch.”

Now that’s a line not too many people get to say.😊

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46 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile #7- Hang up the banana, and eat your lunch.

      • Very much so! I want to write about school but a little apprehensive about it. I have a few stories to share, so maybe I will . Thank you for the inspiration.😊

      • I try to stay very general when I post about school. Last year when I was helping out with science and social studies in the second grade classroom, I had fun doing weekly post called “Grade School the Second Time Around” listing all the cool little things I re-learned. I was amazed at how much fascinating info was new to me. We never really stop learning, do we?!

      • Yes, we are always learning! The children teach me much about life and keep me laughing!

        When writing about school, that was what I thought, very general with not too much information. I look forward to your future posts, Nancy.

  1. I laughed at your title, because it sounds like something I’d say! I have word soup sometimes, and sub inappropriate words for each other. Not vulgar!!
    Just crazy. Put your clothes in the library comes to mind.
    Kids are great, when they go home! lol
    I was a teacher too. I still have PTSD.

  2. How funny! I wouldn’t have thought many children would make the connection between a banana and an old fashioned phone anymore. Good to know some things don’t change!

    • I wonder if they could figure out how to dial an old fashioned phone? Remember the rotary phones? I hated calling friends who had a lot of 8s or 9s in their number. It took sooooo loooong!

  3. Bananas are the comedians of the fruit world. It’s even in the name. Bananananana. How could you not laugh? Having boys, bananas in this house have also on occasion served as pistols with accompanying “pew pew” noises. Or maybe they were phasers.

    I love that line “Please hang up the banana and eat your lunch.” I think it would make me laugh every day.

    • Yeah, some days ya gotta get your laughs where you can. My son and his friends did the whole banana pistol thing too. The pocket of their sweat pants were the holsters. πŸ˜€

      • Depending on the state you live in..the kids may find themselves suspended if they pretend that their banana is a gun.. Did you hear about the one child who bit his waffle into a shape of a gun and he was suspended…yup, true story. I think he claimed it was the state of Florida and not a gun..but they didn’t believe him. I’d laugh, but it’s all too crazy.

      • Yup– zero tolerance sounds so good in theory, but in practice, it’s been a disaster..esp in schools. (makes me think of the kindergartener who wore the fireman outfit for Halloween, got suspended because of the plastic ax, parents understandably throw a fit..and then Halloween gets cancelled the next year…Heaven help us all!)

      • Afraid that guiding light of common sense seems to have been extinguished.. Sure hope our kids can see through the “dark..”

  4. I think it’s funny that kids still get that bananas are phone shaped. I mean, how many of them have actually even seen an old fashioned phone? One with a wire attaching it to a set?

    Of course β€œPlease hang up the banana and eat your lunch.” is worthy of many very large smiles πŸ™‚

  5. That is awesome! I am the president of our Senior Celebration parent club and I’ve spent the last two Friday’s hanging out for all three lunch periods to sell the Senior T-shirts and last Friday my favorite Assistant Vice Principal was on duty, so we were texting each other from way across the way – lunch duty is on the list of the reasons why I don’t interact with the public much! πŸ™‚

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