The Weekly Smile #8 -Melting My Heart

Last month after Mother Nature dumped a foot of snow on our neighborhood, a family up the street built the biggest snowman I have ever seen. To give you an idea of scale, his arms were old fence post and his nose was a small orange safety cone. The creators also used big stick and branches to give the snowman cool spikey hair. It was certainly a sight to see – twelve foot tall, filling most of the front yard. Everytime I passed him on the way to work it made me smile.


The weeks went by and the snow slowly started to melt. My snowman friend melted too but each time his face and arms slid out of their location, the builder put them back, restoring his happy grin. He got shorter, and shorter. Even after all the other snow was gone, he lived on, short and flat, still sporting his spikey hair and crazy arms. The effort the builder put into maintaining the snowman’s personality made me smile too.

By last week, he was looking like this….


This morning, after a weekend of temperatures in the 50s and a day of rain, I drove by and saw that the snowman had finally melted away. All that was left in the center of the yard was a pile of wood and a orange traffic cone.

I missed my frozen friend, of course, but his absence meant that the weather might finally be warming up and for a summer girl like me, that is definitely something to smile about.😊

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23 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile #8 -Melting My Heart

  1. We don’t get snow every year, and most years when we do it’s not much, but a few years ago we got dumped on – and Mr. T and I built a very tall and skinny snow man… that lasted long enough for me to take a picture before T and his friends decided that was an easy way to make some snowballs! 🙂

  2. Oh, your poor frigid friend, but hopefully that means Spring is almost here! I’d love to see a photo of the snowman it it’s glory – sounds like a sight to be seen. I just got down to Cape Cod and the only snow I see is the ring around my drive where I shoveled. I didn’t even see any parking lot piles. It’s in the 50s and pouring, so I doubt the snow will outlast the day…

    The great snowman is smile worthy, but so is Spring!

    • I kept thinking I should stop and photograph him but I wasn’t sure what the neighbor’s would thing!! Still, lets here it for Spring!

  3. Great story. Love that the builder had such big ideas in the first place and then committed to maintenance.

  4. I will gladly send you the snow we are getting in the Midwest now! 8″ and still coming down…winds to follow tomorrow with more snow. Only to get 2-4 Thursday. Ugh!!

  5. After reading about this snowman, it suddenly came to me! Instead of having my sagging facial skin lifted one day..I’ll just have my features (eyes, nose, mouth) LOWERED !!

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