The Weekly Smile #11 – WHO Are You

On Monday evening I was once again galavanting around as a middle age concert goer. This concert, due to unforeseen circumstances, was almost a year in coming. Doesn’t matter. It was still fabulous!!

1965, Paris, France --- British band members of "'The Who," lead singer Roger Daltrey, drummer Keith Moon, bass player John Entwistle and guitarist Pete Townshend. --- Image by © Tony Frank/Sygma/Corbis

1965, Paris, France -“‘The Who,” — Image by © Tony Frank/Sygma/Corbis

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve had a serious crush on Roger Daltrey, lead singer for The Whosince I was sixteen. Still, it took me until I was in my forties to finally see him in concert. The first time was at an outdoor stadium in nearby Camden with my Hubby, his brother and sister-in-law. We got rained on and were so far away that the band members looked like ants. Didn’t matter. It was still a dream come true for me.

The second time was just Roger by himself at the Mann Music Center in Philadelphia. We were way up in the top row and the show started late because someone was smoking something in the front row and had to be escorted out by security. That didn’t matter either.

Waiting for the Quadraphina Tour to start.

Waiting for the Quadrophenia Tour to start.

We saw them the third time again in Philadelphia during their Quadrophenia Tour. It was just Hubby, his brother and me that time. Our seats were closer and the video that accompanied the show was so well done it was like watching a film with music. Sadly, John Entwistle had passed away by then but Roger and Pete included a wonderful tribute to him in the show. All in all the concert was excellent. I  didn’t think they could get any better.

I was wrong.


Even though we had to wait an extra four months, due to Roger Daltrey’s bout with meningitis, this concert was, by far the best yet. Our seats were unbelievably good. The photo above has not been zoomed in so that should give you and idea. Obviously it was taken during the song “Behind Blue Eyes” one of my favorites. The music and stories were nonstop for two hours and the video graphics were even better than the last show. It amazes me that two guys in their seventies were able to keep up the energy needed and still look and sound at the top of their game.

I think the most touching part for me was that it felt like a “goodbye” performance. Pete and Roger talked about the bands challenging past and their own relationship which seems to have mellowed into one of great mutual respect and affection. Simon Townsand, Pete’s brother, played guitar and Ringo Starr’s son Zak Starkey, who has been with them since 1994, was on drums so there was a lot of history on stage, a lot of comradery.

They played every big hit The Who has ever had, one after another and we were on our feet for most of it. The crowd around us (mostly our age and older) were so pumped up that it made it even more exciting. By the time we got home, a little before midnight, my voice was hoarse, my ears were ringing, but I was smiling for sure!

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    • They are absolutely worth it. I think it’s because Pete Townsend is such a talented story teller and that comes across in his songs. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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