If We Were Having Coffee…3/20/16

Good morning!

If we were having coffee…you would notice that breakfast has morphed into brunch and that I am still in my fuzzy blue robe and sporting some serious bed-head.

Sorry about that.

That’s how it’s been around her recently. I’m not sure if it’s the hour we lost last week, the allergy causing buds, or nasty menopausal hormones that are the culprit, but my sleep pattern has been way off. Usually during the week I’m asleep by ten or ten-thirty, ready for that six-fifteen wake up call, but this week I’ve been tossing and turning till way past two. Isn’t it funny how, on nights like that, you can’t find any comfortable positions but in the morning every position comfortable!?!

Anyway, due to my sleep deprivation, this is the mug of choice today….


Fair warning in case you choose to join the conversation.

I even took a day off after Monday night’s concert and slept in, hoping that would clear some of the fog from my brain. I think I’ll just blame my sleepless nights on the scourge of every middle age woman- hormones. They’re kind of the catch all for anything annoying after the age of fifty.


If we were having coffee…(after I was done complaining, and after you were done laughing at the state of my hair) I would ask you about your week. How has the weather been in your corner of the world? I would tell you how extremely unhappy I was to see snow falling on all the new buds around my yard yesterday. I think I actually growled. Today is just cloudy but the tempeture is only 39f. We are going to have to do much better than that after all it is the first day of Spring.

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that one of my favorite teachers at work is starting a new business this summer and has asked me to take part. I am so excited! She and one of the other teachers are hosting a summer STEAM camp for four days in July. For those unfamiliar STEAM stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) something these two ladies are passionate about. Me? Not so much but they manage to make it exciting which is why I agreed to help. My job is like the Art Director. Perfect, right?! Each day has a different theme that requires some arty stuff to go with it so I’m working on creating a roller coaster back drop, an astronaut photo shoot and secret agent ID badges among other things. They are hoping to enroll about forty 4th through 7th graders for the camp. If they reach that, we might do a second four days later in the month.

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that Hubby and I have been trying to discover the source of a leak in the back of our refrigerator. Something in the freezer keeps periodically draining water down into the fridge. I’ve defrosted the freezer and checked ou the ice maker but it is still happening so today we will be pulling out the whole fridge and following some wiki-how instructions on how to unclog some sort of hose down the back. Wish us luck. On the upside, the inside of my refrigerator has never been this clean!

Well, it’s time for me to be productive (or possibly take a nap) so, if we were having coffee, I would suggest you run on over to Diana’s digs at Part Time Monster, and check out the rest of the Coffee Share posts.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great week!!!



20 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee…3/20/16

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  3. Well,………..since you all got snow, perhaps the barometric pressure change has been keeping you awake. Hey, go with it! Sounds so much more scientific than hormones, right? 😉 Good luck with the refrigerator!

  4. Sorry about your headache and the new snow. The refrigerator is a problem I never had, but did have washer go out once. Hormones are a souce of trouble for all women. Mine started about 13 years old when they remove my
    Appendix for me and are still with me. My trip to ER probably hormonal cause. Your stem class sounds like a much needed class.
    Speaking of better things I just finished an outstanding book. THE SUMMER BEFORE THE WAR by Helen Simsonson being release as ebook this Tuesday. Written 1914.

  5. I think the time change did me in. Or maybe the lack of caffeine. Or perhaps that Sunday night – Thursday night I was in constant pain all night. Not sure, but i hope I’ll sleep well tonight!

    That summer program with the other teachers sounds cool! Doing something artsy but related to STEM is great – a lot of “nerdy” math, science and engineering type kids (like a very young me) are very creative. Having art with it is perfect.

    I hope your week goes well. It should warm up, at least it will after our snow here in NH so I’m assuming down there too.

  6. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble sleeping of late! Hope that you’re able to get some proper rest soon.

    The camp sounds like a great project!!

  7. Wishing you luck with the fridge, and hope it’s something you can easily fix. I blame the sleep problems of the past week or so on the time change, but hormones are always good for taking the blame too.

  8. Excellent choice of mug 🙂 I’m sorry you’re not sleeping well, and I hope it’s just the time change and you’ll adjust and sleep better soon!
    If we were having coffee I’d tell you this weekend was a godsend and I feel a thousand times better today than I have since the stupid DST. STUPID!
    Hope you’re able to fix your fridge!

    • Yeah, Hubby gave me that mug for X-mas. He know me so well. Glad you are feeling better and I’m sure I will too eventually and if we can’t fix the fridge, I have a cracker-Jack repair guy who can fix anything!!! So we will see. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Good luck on the refrig problem. We just replaced ours after thirty years. It was leaking and even though I tried finding out where it came from it didn’t help. Not worth bringing someone in for the prices they charge. Ugh.

    • I know. That’s why I’m trying so hard to figure it out ourselves. This one is about ten years old and I hear that is usually how long they last. Sounds like you guys got lucky!

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