The Weekly Smile #12 – Retail Therapy

Today is the first day of our spring break and I spent a very nice day shopping with Miss Dee. We did really well too. Bless her little heart, she heads right for the sale racks just like her momma taught her. 😊  Her senior trip to Disney World is next month so we were looking for some comfortable cool summer shirts and shorts. She also picked up a really cute maxi dress that will be perfect for dinner one night and everything was marked down! Dang! I love getting a bargain!!

After clothes shopping , we stopped by Auntie Anne’s and had pretzel dogs for lunch. If you have never tried these, steer clear because they are totally addicting. Β Now they come in little bites so we shared an order of those along with a cup of the world’s best lemonade. Then we made a quick stop at the craft store for some Easter decoration. Β I spotted a sign on sale that said “We believe in the Easter Bunny” Β so of course we had to have it!

Between work and school, Miss Dee hasn’t had a whole day off in a month so it was quite a treat to just relax and stroll around the stores. The weather was Spring like and I was hanging with my favorite girl. That is certainly worth a smile or two.

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24 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile #12 – Retail Therapy

  1. LOVE Auntie Anne’s! Hot dogs don’t agree with me , but I love getting one of their huge, warm, soft, original pretzels when I can. The mini bite pretzels are great, too! Sounds like a lovely, fun day with your daughter.

    • I don’t like clothes shopping for myself but I love shopping for Miss Dee. She looks cute in everything! 😊

    • …and pretzel dogs are all beef hot dogs wrapped in buttery soft pretzel dough and baked crispy on the outside, soft in the center.
      Oh my, I’m getting hungry for one just describing them! You mean you don’t have them where you live!?!

  2. Ours begins today πŸ™‚
    We don’t have Auntie Anne’s here, we have Wetzel’s Pretzels. I can’t tell the difference. Smells better than it tastes, but tastes awfully good πŸ˜›

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