If We Were Having Coffee…3/27/16


If we were having coffee…I would wish you a Happy Easter if you celebrate or, happy Sunday, if you don’t. For us, Easter means family time so about 3:00 this afternoon we will be welcoming 25 family members for dinner.  We’ll be providing the baked ham, gravy, pineapple stuffing and stuffed shells. The guest will each bring a side dish or dessert. My sister’s husband, who is Catholic and of Polish decent, is in charge of supplying the traditional butter lamb. We aren’t Catholic ourselves but we’ve always had one for Easter dinner ever since I was a little girl. He even adds the clove eyes and a little red ribbon bow.

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that Miss Dee and I have been enjoying our Spring break. She had a fun sleep-over/shopping day with her friends on Friday and Hubby and I had a mini date night by going out for dessert (frozen yogurt) and then browsing through our favorite bookstore. I bought myself the latest Patricia Briggs novel “Fire Touched.” I can’t wait get started on it! Otherwise I’ve just been taking it easy, staying up way too late and sleeping in.

For some reason  the school district that Hubby works for always schedules their spring break a different week than ours so even though he shared Friday with us, the rest of his break will be all next week. That means I will be doing a lot of whining about having to get up while he doesn’t. Poor guy. I’d feel sorry for him if he didn’t have the WHOLE WEEK off work!

If we were having coffee...I might share some of the sketches I’ve been working on for the summer STEAM  program I’m helping with…



These are both going to be  photo backdrops for the various theme days. Now I have to get to work on the full size pieces which will each be about 6 feet tall!

If we were having coffee…I would appologize for cutting our chat short today, but that ham ain’t gonna cook itself so I better get a move on. I hope you have a pleasant day filled with all the things you like best. Thanks so much for stopping by.

The Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Diana at Part Time Monster. Don’t forget to drop over and check out the rest of the post.

30 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee…3/27/16

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      • Woahhhhh…! I never would have thought of *that*! How amazingly cool that is going to be. Are you STEM yourself (I know of it as minus the A) or just a kick-a&& artist?!? Or both?

      • It usually is STEM but we added the “A” to make it “science, technology, engineering, art, and math.” I am a basic skills instructional aide with an art education so I’m applying all those years of training and combining it with the years I’ve spent doing in-class support during science/social study lessons. I’m having a blast! Thanks for the compliment, BTW! 😊

  2. I wish you a very Happy Easter!
    25 people that sure is a lot for a yearly get together. We reached 19 last Thanksgiving, which is impressive but not as impressive as 25 for Easter!
    Most of my students (at least those who go to school) will be having their “Easter Break” the last two weeks of April, fr some reason it’s called Easter Break even if it does not fall on Easter…
    Have a great feast tonight!

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