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I love books and through the years I’ve learned that my favorite books are those with strong, interesting characters. That is what makes or breaks a story for me so I thought, for the A to Z challenge,  it would be fun to revisit some of these favorite characters…and, since we girls have to stick together…..

My A to Z Challenge theme this year is a celebration of literary females.

I don’t necessarily mean famous literature or famous women, just ladies from some of the many books I have read over the years, who have stayed with me for whatever reason. Some are main characters, some are not. Some are heroines, some are screw-ups and some are very, very naughty but, for me, they were the driving force in the story, the reason I kept reading or came back to read again.

Perhaps, if you haven’t already met these literary ladies, you’ll be inspired to, and if you have, we can compare notes and share opinions. I’d love to hear about your favorite female characters too.

14 thoughts on “A to Z Theme Reveal

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  2. I really like the idea of an A-Z of literary females. What a great idea. I shall follow this series with interest Nancy.

  3. This is going to be an awesome series, Nancy. I can’t wait to see your lineup and to get some reading/re-reading recommendations. xo

  4. Looking forward to following you. I think one of my favorites is Lucky Sanitagelo in Jackie Collins “Lucky” series. It has been years since I read it and I don’t know if I am spelling her last name correctly. But, I loved that she could to anything. I was not in a position to grow as a person then. So, I dreamed I was her. Fierce and strong. Kick butt woman! LOL…..
    I look forward to your posts this challenge!
    Best Wishes,

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m not familiar with the “Lucky” series but she sounds very cool. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

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