Weekly Smile #14

As a tension breaker during testing, the fifth grade teacher gave the kids a fun assignment. She had them read some articles and  showed them some videos on splunking (the sport of cave exploration) and then challenged them to write song parodies telling how they felt about this pastime.

Personally, I don’t even like spending too much time in our basement so after watching  the videos of these spelunkers squeezing into crevices, sliding backwards into spaces checking to see if they “can fit” and keeping track of passages so they can find their “way out” I was having a mini panic attack! Therefore, I really appreciated the group who came up with a parody using Bruno Mars’  “Lazy Song” changing the words to say…

🎶”Today I don’t feel like Splunking.

I just really don’t want to die!

Stalactites falling on my head,

spiders biting at my leg!

Today I don’t feel like splunking,

Think I’ll just stay in my bed.” 🎶

If it was up to me, these kids would get an “A+” 😊



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15 thoughts on “Weekly Smile #14

  1. Today I don’t feel like spelunking either – We only get a limited time on this side of the ground and I’ll be under it for good soon enough, so I choose sunshine. Kids can be pretty clever at making up little songs.

  2. I’d be the stay at home too. No nerve for small spaces. Sound like great youngsters

  3. I went spelunking when I was in high school, and I loved it. I was so young and brave. lol Now, I can’t even make it through a tiny cave in a local state park! Glad I had the experience while I was still in that invincible mode 🙂

    • Good for you. If it was a really big, spacious cave, I might be able to stand a short visit. I hear some caves are quite spectacular.

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