If We Were Having Coffee…4/10/16


If we were having coffee today…we would be sitting at my kitchen table looking out the back door (past the Audrey Hepburn calendar clearly turned to the month of April), at the snow and ice covering the yard and deck. Ugh.


Yesterday was such an interesting Spring day. I had planned on running some errands and cleaning up the yard but instead I sat inside and watched the snow fall. I worked on a page for Miss Dee’s “Senior Year” scrapbook, I cleaned the bathroom and did some banking so it was a productive day, just not the one I had planned.

The view, yesterday from my sister's front window.

The view, yesterday from my sister’s front window.

It was, however,Β a more comfortable day than my Hubby had. He was down the shore helping a friend rebuild a garage….in the rain….and the snow. The garage had been damaged in the last flood that the Jersey shore had endured. A few weeks ago they had cleaned it out, throwing away much of the contents, and removing the siding and water soaked wood. My hubby has a big heart and this friend has done a lot for him so he was determined to help him finish this job before the elements did even more damage. I will find out this evening how it all went. Β At least today is sunny and clear.


If we were having coffee…I would tell you that I am pretty excited that I was able to score a piece foam board big enough for the astronaut photo backdrop I was designing. I was a little worried because I needed a piece that was 4’x 5 1/2′ and that size is usually only sold by the case for big company presentations and such. Thank goodness for Craig’s List! There was a gentlemen in Philadelphia that had purchased a case of 20 sheets of Β 4′ X 8′ foam board and only used half so he was selling the rest for $10 per sheet. Even luckier was the fact that the teacher I’m working with has a husband who works in that area of the city and he ran over after work Tuesday and picked up two sheets. We figured we might need an extra piece somewhere down the line. I can’t wait to get started!


If we were having coffee…I would refill our cups and ask about your week? I hope I has been exciting and productive. Are you reading any good books? Have you done any traveling? Fill me in! I’m so glad you stopped by!

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13 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee…4/10/16

  1. It was surprisingly cold further south in Georgia this weekend too. No snow, but we definitely stayed in on Sunday when the high was in the 50s.

    I’m sorry your husband had to be out in the rain and snow rebuilding a garage, but I’m sure your friend really appreciated it. It was a very kind thing to do. πŸ™‚

    • Happily the snow did not reach the coast so he was mostly in the misty rain. They were able to get it all finished so it was a worth while trip. So glad you stopped by! Enjoy the rest of your week. Hope the weather down there warms up too!

  2. What a delightful post! I’d love to sit and have coffee while watching the snow fall. Down here in the South, we’ve definitely had a lacking of snow this year, and I have surely missed it! Our Spring has been very chaotic, as well, with sunny days one day and cold, frigid temperatures the next! Personally, I do like the cooler temps of spring and fall, but right now, I think I’m ready for some warmer temps. πŸ˜‰ Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by! I’m glad we seem to be in an upturn temperature wise – I’m a summer girl! You all down south have had some “challenging” weather lately too!

  3. Just ice water for me. Maybe with a lil splash of citrus? My week was absolutely draining. I am soooo tired. I slept almost 13 hours last night. I need another weekend, I’m afraid. At least today promises to be relaxed.

  4. You can have some of our heat dropping our temperature, but we don’t need any more moisture right as the rivers are near flood stage. The weather can sure effect our lives.

  5. Just finished a draft for my next blog post, along with just finishing my coffee for the morning in my new Little Mermaid mug. It seems I “might” have a mermaid issue, as I discovered last night I have FIVE Little Mermaid mugs! haha What can I say? I love fairy tales and Disney! πŸ™‚ With regards to Fairy Tales, apparently books on different variations of said fairy tales are very popular right now. Or is it I’m just noticing them more as I discover so many delightful novelists out there who have been brave enough to try it? Besides The Land of Stories books I have told you about, I have recently come across two other authors who have taken on variations of fairy tales. Alex Finn who takes one tale at a time and re-writes it. Currently, I have begun A Kiss In Time which is about Sleeping Beauty. Also, just recently found Once Again, written by Liz Braswell and Cameron Dokey. They also have numerous books out there. So, I’m loving these books while other books await to be read as well. (Sorry, I can get carried away when discussing reading). Hope your weather soon improves. In the mean time, maybe you can enjoy a relaxing Sunday with no hurries.

    • Thanks for all the book ideas!! I am writing a list as we speak. We enjoy rewritten fairy tales here as well. Miss Dee and I spent last night binge watching all the episodes of “Once Upon a Time” that we’ve missed this season.

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