If We Were Having Coffee…4/16/16


If we were having coffee…I would invite you in and pour you a cup of strong hot French roast. For non-coffee drinkers I can offer tea or hot chocolate. There is iced tea and lemonade if you prefer. Miss Dee, who is suffering from an allergy induced sore throat, is sipping some green tea with honey and lemon. I’m sure she would share.

The weather here today was absolutely fabulous! Finally, after the craziness of last weekend! The sun shone with abandon and the temperature was well into the 60s. Hubby completed his first lawn mowing of the season and I was able to finally clear out my flower beds and do some planting. I put some zinnias in the pots by the deck and planted some sweet basil in my herb garden. The lemon mint from last year has already started growing and I think I will pick up some  oregano and dill as well. Yum!

Since the evening was so nice, we decided to invite my mother-in-law over for a barbecue. Hubby dusted off the grill and made hamburgers for us and a turkey burger for himself. I added some home made mac and cheese and a salad. We enjoyed a wonderful leisurely dinner on the deck while our resident rabbits hopped around the yard having their’s. Ahh! All is right with the world once more. 😊

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that Mr D missed the first BBQ of the season but it was for a really fun reason. For the last month or so, he’s been helping out his old high school baseball coach with this year’s team, so the coach invited him to come along with the team on a trip up to Cooperstown, N.Y. They left early this morning and were scheduled to tour The Baseball Hall of Fame this afternoon. Tomorrow, the team will actually get to play a game on the field there. Pretty neat, huh!? Mr D visited Copperstown once before, about eight years ago with his father and grandfather but being there with the team must be really cool. They will be back tomorrow evening so I will hear all the details then.

If we were having coffee…I could tell you all about this show Miss Dee was watching earlier on the food network. I can’t remember the name but the two young women who host the show travel all over the country looking for the most decedent sweet shops and bakeries they can find.

This episode featured a place in NYC that makes ice cream filled donut sandwiches! Yes….you read that right! They dip the top of the donut in any icing you want then add nut topping or sprinkles or what ever; then you choose three scoops of ice cream for the middle (some of the ice cream flavors were amazing too);  they put the top on and then drizzle the whole thing with caramel or chocolate syrup.

OMG! I may actually have been drooling by the time they were finished describing it. The hosts said that most customers bring a friend because this mega calorie treat is just too big for one person. Can you imagine!?! Seems a bit over the top for me but hey, who am I to judge.

If we were having coffee…I would ask you about your week? Has spring sprung in your neck of the woods? What kind of things have been keeping you busy? While I was taking a break earlier, I caught part of my all time favorite “feel good” movies…”While You Were Sleeping” with Sandra Bullock. It is such a sweet love story that I can’t watch it without smiling. Do you have a favorite “feel good” film? How about a movie that always makes you tear up no matter how many times you’ve seen it? For me, that would be the final scene in “Field of Dreamswhen Ray get to have a catch with his dad. Gets me every time.

Well, I guess I better stop flappin’ my gums and let you head over to Part Time Monster and catch up with the rest of the Weekend Coffee Share. Thanks so much for stopping by! I do so enjoy our chats!

18 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee…4/16/16

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  2. Spunning wheels and getting no where fast seems to be my speciality…. Other days it seems my motivation up and motivated itself away.

  3. Glad you guys have had some nice weather! It’s been unfortunately grey and stormy and quite gloomy around here for the past several days, and I’m looking forward to some sunshine this week!

  4. The sun shone yesterday but it was chilly outside, we had a week of thunderstorms. Baseball I like the sport since junior high whe we watch a Aa team play and listen on the radio.I hope M D allergies let up soon.

  5. My favourite feel good film is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 😀
    That donut sounds so delicious, but I think I’d struggle to eat much of it!
    Hope you have a great week 🙂

  6. While You Were Sleeping is my all time favorite movie, and I always tear up when Ray gets to play catch with his dad. Both of these movies bring great memories for me. I so enjoy your coffee chats. I’ve contemplated doing something like this on my site as well. Hope you have a wonderful week, and hopefully, I’ll catch up with you next week for another chat. 😉

    • Absolutely! I’m so glad you enjoy our chats. Jump on the Coffee Share train and fill us in on your week.
      Most of Sandra Bullocks movies end up on my “favorites” list. I also loved “Practical Magic” and “The Blindside” just to name a few.
      Have a great week. See you next time!😊

      • Blindside was awesome! 😉 I don’t think I’ve seen Practical Magic. I loved her in Miss Congeniality. She was hilarious! … I’ll try to join the coffee share train. It looks very intriguing. 😊

  7. Weather here in Indiana was gorgeous!! Almost thought I’d have to turn the air on! I didn’t, but it crossed my mind! Got my first mowing under my belt too.
    My all time go to movie is A Star is Born, with Barbara Streisand and Kris kristophian (can’t spell his name). I love the movie, the songs and the love story. I bawl like a baby. 😢

    • Oh! I haven’t seen that in years! She has such a beautiful voice and yes, I remember getting teared up during that too. I admit I had a bit of a crush on Kris years ago. Not sure what happened to him. Did you see the original “Star is Born,” the old black and white movie? It wasn’t nearly as good, in my opinion.
      Hope your nice weather holds out. Looks like we are in for another gorgeous day around here.

  8. Love While You Were Sleeping! Such a fun movie. I watch it every Christmas. Beautiful weather here, too. Sounds like a wonderfully fun day for you today.

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