The Weekly Smile – Hibiscus


My father-in-law gifted me this beautiful little hibiscus tree on Mother’s Day. It now stands in the corner of my deck filled with more buds than I can count and these stunning tropical blooms. Β I smile every time I see it.

Mother nature is really the most incredible artist ever.


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13 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile – Hibiscus

  1. How pretty! I have one that I’ve had longer than Spence and I have been together (25+ years) and move it in before the first frost and it’s back on the deck since Michigan is suddenly in full out summer temps. It has survived “pruning” by a pesky woodchuck and being flung off the deck by a wind shear! No blooms yet but lots of new growth and it loves fresh air, sunshine and rainfall!

    • That’s encouraging! Maybe this is a plant that will actually survive being owned by me! How often do you water it? I know it’s a tropical plant but I don’t want to over water either.

  2. I think Hibiscus are one of the most amazing flowers! Lucky you to receive such a wonderful gift! πŸŒΊπŸ’œπŸŒΊ

    • Me too! I’ve never had one before. I hope they are hardy because I am not the world’s most successful gardener!

  3. They are pretty, a little corner of tropical paradise on your deck. I guess the view from your porch is pretty good without looking beyond it πŸ˜‰ (Deck, porch, almost the same thing….)

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