If We Were Having Coffee….5/22/16

Good morning!


If we were having coffee…I would bid you welcome and offer you a chair. The coffee pot is filled with strong French roast or I can offer tea (hot or iced) if you prefer. As for baked goods, Hubby’s school had an international day this Friday and he brought home some leftover Indian Banana bread. It’s moist and delicious, just a little spicier than our American version.

After we had our drinks and treats in hand and had settled into a comfy seat, I would ask you how your week has been? I hope it has been pleasant and productive. My week has been very busy but I think we are passed most of the insanity and I see the week a head being much quieter (maybe). What, you may ask, has been keeping me so busy?


If we were having coffee….I would start off by telling you all about Miss Dee’s senior prom Friday night. There was a lot of preparation for that but she looked so grown up and beautiful that it was well worth the fuss. Her critique of the evening was two thumbs up even though the food was only so-so.  I don’t think food was the main focus of the event anyway. They did a lot of dancing and laughing with friends and that’s what really counts!


I would also tell you that we have been busy getting Mr D ready for his big move. Yesterday, Hubby and I purchased a new mattress and box spring set for him so at least he has a place to sleep. He fussed at us about buying it but we told him it could be an early birthday present. The one he has here needed replacing anyway.

So now he has  food and a bed….the basic needs for any 20 year old boy. If we threw in a flat screen TV, he’d be in heaven! There are still some details to see to. For instance, he needs to call this week and see about having the electric and cable switched over, and perhaps he should start packing, but otherwise he’s  ready to move. I’m not ready but that’s beside the point! 😊

If we were having coffee…I would fill you in on my busy work week. It started with the Phillie Phanatic on Tuesday and ended with Up-Stander Day, our annual anti-bulling event, on Friday. This day is filled with guest speakers and workshops for the students and what everservice project the children have chosen to work on this year, is gifted. This year they put together care packages for families staying at the local Ronald McDonald House. The kits contained shampoos and lotions as well as snacks and small toys. The student did a great job contributing items and we were able to make over 60 packages! Ronald, himself came to thank them. We certainly have had some unusual visitors at school this week!

imageIf we were having coffee…I might share the fact that yesterday was my 22nd wedding anniversary.  Hubby surprised me with a special evening that was both romantic and delicious! I won’t say too much though because it really deserves a whole post of its own so stay tuned! 😊

Thanks so much for coming by today. I’ve certainly enjoyed our chat but I should really get started on my “to-do” list now. Feel free to linger over your coffee a bit, enjoy the nice weather and the flowers blooming through out the yard. The rhododendrons have certainly taken off with a burst of purple! I am so happy that Spring seems to finally have arrived!

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21 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee….5/22/16

  1. awesome chat thanks had mine iced ^_^
    wow 22 thats life goals right there happy anniversay
    PS throw in a many inch flat screen tv lol

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    I just saw pictures of my not-quite sixteen year old nephew’s pictures from his first prom. Such a handsome young man, and only 14 months older than the Boyo who lives here.

    No proms here, at least yet. No dates. No interest, either.

    Might be that’s a homeschooling thing; he’s very happy with his Skyping with friends and the comforts of home, for now. He’s the kind of guy who tends to just suddenly decide that he’s ready for something more, so my head my spin when he suddenly decides it’s his time. =)

    May the moving and graduating and all the other things flow smoothly. =D

    • Thanks. We aren’t dealing with boys yet but I have a feeling that once she starts college she will get over her shyness and then….watch out! All kids are different and the best approach is for them to decide when and what they are ready for. So we will both see where it leads!!!😊

      • Yes, we will. I expect that we’ll have dating with our daughter at an earlier age than her brother – she’s more social by nature, and definitely interested in boys (who also seem interested in her.)

        I’m glad that she’s also strong-willed, confident, and capable of making her boundaries clear.

        Having older kids is a fascinating experience! =)

  3. Happy Anniversary!! I hope you had a great day. Your daughter looks beautiful. I’m sure she had a great time..:)

  4. Happy anniversary!!
    Your daughter looks lovely in her dress. Goodness! To be young again….🤔 well.. Younger maybe

  5. Happy Anniversary! You do have a busy house with senior year and getting your son ready to move. I’m going through the chaos of senior year as well with my youngest son, while my oldest is getting ready to get an a
    apartment with his girlfriend. It sounds like you may be experiencing an empty nest soon too….what I look forward to is having more time for my husband and I but I don’t look forward to having the young men not around. Anyway thanks for sharing your life with us!😎

    • There are just as many changes going on in your house! I won’t have an empty nest for a couple more years though because Miss Dee will be attending a local college but they certainly are around a lot less and that does give Hubby and me more “couple” time. It’s a good news/bad news thing I guess! Thanks for stopping by.

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