If We WereHaving Coffee…6/4/16


If we were having coffee…I would welcome you in and offer you a chair. The pot is filled with piping hot French roast coffee but since the weather is a bit warm here in southern New Jersey, I would also offer iced tea or lemonade if you preferred. Yesterday, I purchased some yummy red velvet cupcakes with butter cream frosting so you could help yourself to those as well. Sorry, Hubby hasn’t done any baking since our Memorial Day barbecue last week so I don’t have any fresh baked goods to offer.

After we were settled in with our drinks and our snacks, I would ask you how your week has been. I would hope that you have been safe from some of the extreme weather that has been plaguing so many parts of the world. We have been lucky here but my brother, who lives just outside of Oklahoma City, has had a few tension filled days. Out there, he tells me, it’s just a part of life. I’ve also been praying for those effected by the massive amounts of rain in France which has caused deadly flash flooding. I read in the paper today that in Paris many of the works of art in the Louve had to be moved to higher ground for fear of water damage. It feels as if the world has gone a little crazy!

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that my week has been very busy and filled with both good and not so good moments. Work has been a bit challenging because the students’ brains have mostly checked out. The lunch room has become a circus and I’ve been having discussions like “Sometimes it is more important to be kind than to be right.” and “We have 11 days left of school and there is still a lot more learning left to do.”

I don’t really think anyone is listening. They’ve all forgotten the rules, their manners and all their multiplication tables as well. *sigh*

If we were having coffee…I might remind you that this was the week that Mr D’s lease for his off campus housing began. He is living, at the moment, with one foot in each camp. He has a bed, his TVand some personal things at the new house but all his clothing is still here. One of his roommates is completely moved in, one is half way, and the other won’t move in till September. This is good because it give me time to adjust. My Hubby saw the house for the first time this week and his first response once we were back in the car was “How much are they paying for this place?!?” I don’t think he was impressed.

If we were having coffee …I would tell you that my sister and I went to a family reunion this past Saturday. It was fun but also awkward. This reunion was for my father’s side of our family so  everyone there was an off spring of one of my paternal grandfathers six siblings. Linda and I were the only ones representing our branch so we were surrounded by many second and third cousins that we had never met. It’s a weird feeling to be in a room full of strangers that you also happen to be related to!

We met many cousins we had never known and heard some wonderful stories. The best part of the night came when we got to see a very old photo of my mom and her best friend Gertie when they were both just 16. Gertie was my dad’s first cousin. That is how my parents met. My mom would go to Gertie’s family parties with her and check out her good looking cousins! My father noticed!

If we were having coffee…I would ask you about how your parents first met and if you have seen photos of them when they were  dating? Isn’t it strange to think of our parents so young, before we were even a thought?

Well, I see the time is getting late and I am about ready to rest my weary bones, put on my pjs and curl up with a good book. I’ve started rereading the Harry Potter series, something I do every few years, and I’m just at the part where Harry and Hermione send Hagrid’s dragon off to live with Charlie Weasley!

Thank you so much for stopping by. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Weekend Coffee Share brought to you courtesy of Diana at Part Time Monster.

19 thoughts on “If We WereHaving Coffee…6/4/16

  1. Nancy, I really enjoyed your coffee share. My kids are 12 and 10 and my younger is very involved in the performing arts but is in a selective class and aiming to get into our local selective high school. I was chatting with another Mum today about needing more focus…getting the tables and spelling under their belts. More hard work…some work.
    We’ve had a bad storm off the East coast of Australia. It wasn’t too bad here but some stretches of beach in Sydney were badly affected.
    It’s almost time for another coffee share. Don’t know where the last week has gone.
    xx Rowena

  2. Mmm, red velvet, my favorite, thank you! Yes, lots of crazy weather in several parts.. My dad and sister are in Florida so I’ve been watching the craziness down there as well. Luckily it went north of them. Yes, I have a wonderful pic of my parents when they were dating, in the late 40s.. Pretty awesome.. Thanks for the coffee!

  3. Oh, I’ve missed these posts the last two or three weeks! They not only are fun, but they bring their own soothing relaxation as a warm cup of coffee does. It’s been a busy twoish weeks preparing to move, moving, and unpacking. Today, in Florida, we are under a Tropical Storm warning. I am hoping it will not get as bad as they were predicting, though it sounded like it was getting rough out Tampa and St. Petersburg way. I’m about an hour north of those cities. It’s wet, but thus far that is all, and I hope it stays that way!

    Aw, college housing. Rental prices can be high but owners and landlords know students will pay it. I hope the house turns out to be better than your husband thinks it will be!

    I have more cousins on my Mom’s side of the family. So many that I could never dream of knowing them all! Those I do know I’m amazed sometimes at our likenesses and differences. And sometimes quite sorry we knew one another so little as we grew up. I do have one picture of my parents at a party either right before or right after they were married. Like any young couple at a party of friends they look so very happy and goofy. : )

    • I’ve always wished I could go back in time just to meet my parents as teenagers! I can’t even imagine what they would have been like.

      It is funny how alike distant cousins can be. We all share the same genes I guess.

      I’m so glad you were able to stop by this week. Good luck settling in to your new place and I hope the storms stay away. It said on the news this morning that there have been a record number of tropical storms for this early in the season! Stay safe.

      • It was pretty mild where I live, but other areas, such as Tampa were hit harder. Where I live it was just like a heavy rainstorm.

  4. Thanks for the coffee. Just what I needed 😉 Yes, the floods in France seem to be very bad! I guess climate change is happening after all…

  5. School is out this week here. There is new building for the boys and girl’s club , I woner when it will open. It is hot here too bad the weather can’t be slpit between Europe floods and our heat.
    It is allws nice to go a large family reunion. I hope you made some new friends.,

  6. It is a challenge to meet relatives for the first time. But hopefully, now that you’ve met them, the next reunion will be a little easier. And good luck getting through the rest of the school year!

  7. Growing up we would go to family reunions like yours- meeting distant cousins who we all shared great-grandparents with. It was always interesting to see how different we all were and yet related. 🙂

    • Yes, I said that to my sister too. My dad’s Aunt Gertie’s granddaughters were both around my age and I think we would have been great friends if we had known each other before. I am thankful for FB because now we have “friended” each other and can now keep in touch and build a relationship.

      Thanks for stopping by for coffee! Have a great week.

  8. It seems that in the Midwest schools end around Memorial Day while on the East Coast it is closer to the 4ht of July! Well, the schools here have gone to the last week of June on many occasions, but I think this year they’ll end in 2 weeks. To me June is summer and it seems strange to see kids still in school – my Philly area nephews and nieces were jealous of the Ohio ones since the Ohio ones were out of school and the Philly ones still had a couple of weeks. Oh well, such is life in different regions.

    The reunion sounds interesting. I haven’t been to one quite that spread out, at least not at my generation. On the other hand, how closely related are my sisters’ grandkids to my cousins’ grandkids?

    I hope you have a great week!

    • My niece’s son (my great-nephew?) graduated HS two weeks ago at the end of May. They live in Oklahoma. I think they start the year earlier than us though. We never go back before Labor Day.

      Enjoy your week too!

  9. Nancy, our children are in the same state of impolite behavior. Once our Lilac festival comes to town on Memorial Day, they check out. We have ten more days of school, a time of simply trying to finish everything and maintain structure in the schedule. Not only are the kids done but the teachers and paras are tired and ready for a well needed break. Good luck to you the last few days, may there be some peace in chaos.😊

    • Yes, I admit, I’m done too! Maybe we should move to having a break every three months like some district do? Then there wouldn’t be such a build up for summer vacation. It’s a thought! Good luck with your final days as well and thanks for stopping by. 😊

  10. If we were having coffee, I’d say speaking of crazy world weather, we just had a hail storm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – a tropical country whichever way you look at it! Enjoyed reading your post 🙂

    • Wow! It’s like you just can’t depend on the weather to behave the way we are used to. And to think there are people who don’t believe in climate change?! Thanks for stopping by!

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